Negative Ion Therapy

The Benefits of Negative Ion Therapy:

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Negative Ions in the case of crystal healing mats are the bi-products of Crystal Therapy and Far Infrared Therapy working together. When heat from the mat heats up the crystals they produce an abundance of negative ions. Our whole natural world is filled with negative ions  but in environments where technology is present there are more positive ions around. Despite the word “positive” it is actually not a great thing to have too many positive ions present.

Too many positive ions in your body produce free radicals which are clusters of positive ions that form together and impact the way your cells function. When formed these clusters of positive ions (or free radicals) can lead to Oxidative Stress, arthritis, lupus, heart diseases, alzheimer’s disease, strokes and oxidative damage just to name a few.

An increase of negative ions can decrease the effects of these diseases and many more by “balancing” the cell which breaks up the free radicals and allows your cells to function the way nature intended them to. Some Benefits of Negative Ion Therapy includes:

  • Headache and Migraine Relief
  • Increased Respiratory Health
  • Increased Serotonin Levels( that decreases depression, stress)
  • Decreased drowsiness
  • Increases our respiratory systems functionality ( ability to absorb and utilize oxygen effectively and improves the function of the cilia in your lungs protecting it from irritation and inflammation)
  • Decreases Headaches
  • Decreases oxidative damage
  • Decreases Stress

What are Negative Ions?

Negative Ions are oxygen atoms that have an additional electron. This additional electron gives the atoms a negative charge. These negative ions are most populous in natural settings where energy is being created by moving water. These natural settings include waterfalls, the beach, when it’s raining and thunderstorms. Negative Ions are created by the effects of the earth’s basic elements, air, sunlight and water.

What do Negative Ions do?

When negative ions are found in high enough concentrations they can clear the air of any dander, cigarette smoke, bacteria, spores and other airborne particles that are harmful to our health.

Negative and Positive Ion Levels Measured in Various Locations

Negative Ions Positive Ions
Offices 70 1,400
Industrial Areas 50 300
Shopping Arcades 220 280
Residential Areas 200 180
Forests 2,500 800
Kowakidani Hot Spring 2,500 820
Near Minoh Waterfall 5,000 300

Think about all the times you have been doing an outside activity. Chances are you felt energised at peace and overall had a feeling of wellbeing while doing these activities. This is because you are feeling an influx of negative ions produced from earth’s basic elements of air, sunlight and water surrounding you. Now think about being in an office, often times you feel sluggish, unmotivated and sleepy. This is because you are not getting enough negative ions because you are sealed off from many of them. Too much of this can and will produce free radicals (positive ion clumps) which can worsen over time.

Im my experience I could not believe how rejuvinsed I felt kayaking in Deep Cove, British Columbia, I was filled with energy and felt like I could do absolutely anything. Comparing this feeling to being stuck in the office surrounded by technology there is quite a difference to be had.

How Do You Make Negative Ions in your own Home?

There are a few ways of doing this but the most distinctive theme is that it involves anything nature based. Some simple methods include keeping more plants in your home, having a small indoor fountain or even using himalayan salt lamp rocks. While these all are all able to produce negative ions they will not produce a whole lot and most importantly they are not targeted. Meaning negative ions will drift around but there are no guarantees that you will receive all if not any of their benefits, this is why being close to waterfalls, the beach or anywhere in nature energises you, because you are surrounded by it.

best crystal healing mats

How can you get Targeted Negative Ions to get into your body?

One of the best ways is through crystal healing mats. When heated, the Best Crystal Healing Mats  have the potential to produce over 1,500 negative ions per square inch per minute when using a combination of amethyst, tourmaline and jade crystals. In short, if you have more crystals then you will receive more negative ions. Often times all you need is 20 minutes to get all the negative ions that your body needs to function properly and combat effects done by free radicals.


2 thoughts on “Negative Ion Therapy”

  1. Are the negative ions benefit that come with th use I this ‘Far Infrared pad’ similiar to the negative ions one would get with earth grounding?
    And is there an ‘EMF shielding component’ within the pad that blocks EMF’s?
    I do however, understand the wire that would be plugged into an electrical outlet would draw EMF’s.
    Jusr wondering since it seems most Far Infrared products brands state, safe low EMF level. The statement seems vague and doesn’t ensure a feeling of confidence with these type products.
    Response is appreciated.

    1. Hello, yes the negative ions are similar to ones that come with earth grounding. Ultimately it depends what pad you are looking at as the different manufacturers have different specifications. Some do have EMF Shielding while others do not. The top rated pads (Healthy Wave) has an emf filter in the controller and layers within the mat to protect you from bad emfs.

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