Crystal Therapy

The Benefits of Crystal Therapy:

The Crystals are indeed an integral part of the Far Infrared Heat and Negative Ion Therapies in that they all work together to produce a wide array of different benefits for you and your body.

Some Benefits include:

  • Improved Mood
  • Decreased Stress
  • Improved Immune System
  • Improved Circulation and Blood Flow
  • More Oxygen being carried in your bloodstream
  • Decreased recovery time from injuries

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal Therapy or Crystal Healing is the process of one or more crystals giving off a certain type of energy that is synchronized to your body. These crystals have a range of different abilities that are able to absorb, energise and align energies within your body. In this case we will be talking about the process of heating up the crystals which is Far Infrared Heat. When heated the crystals are able to produce more negative ions which can evenly penetrate 3 to 8 inches within your body

Is Crystal Healing Safe?

Yes! Crystals do not emit any toxins that are bad for your body but rather emit a range of different positive energies that can energise and align you and the chakras within your body. They can also absorb bad energies and can neutralise free radicals when heated through far infrared heat.

What Healing Crystal Do I Need?

With many crystal mat companies you can pick and choose which crystals or which combination of crystals you want in your mat for. We have a summary of what each of the most popular crystals found in mats can provide you below.  

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Amethyst has a good amount of negative Ions which in turn provides great calming energy and is a great crystal to use for relaxing.
It is a very conductive gemstone which generates it’s own magnetic field which in turn provides a great negative Ion input when it is heated. 

  • When heated the infrared rays can penetrate the body 6-8 inches to allow for cellular metabolism and detoxification to occur.  
  • This stone is nothing new, as it has been used for healing for thousands of years because of it’s ability to create negative ions and generate far infrared rays.
  • Provides a negative Ion output of 1500 per cubic centimeter.
  • Similar to the Iyashi Scalar Pendant Amethyst is known to activate the crown or third eye chakra which is connected to a state of dreaming which is why it is known as an excellent stone for sleeping.

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Jade is a good all round crystal that is the in between of the calming stone of Amethyst and the more energetic stone of Tourmaline.

  • Jade is a great heat absorber 
  • Adding Jade to Amethyst and Tourmaline enhances the benefits of each crystal including increasing the levels of negative ions and producing Far Infrared Rays
  • Jade produces around 700 negative ions per cubic centimeter
  • Jade opens the heart chakra which promotes love, compassion, forgiveness and trust. When this chakra is blocked it can lead to the opposite effects including grief, loneliness, depression and fear!

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Tourmaline has the highest negative ion level which gives you more energy and allows you to be energetic throughout your day.

  • Produces 1500 + negative ions when heated up, although this stone still produces negative ions even when it is not heated up.
  • It is a superconductive stone which can generate natural infrared heat
  • Tourmaline produces energy at 8-13 Hz per second which is the identical frequency of our alpha brain waves.This state can bring us back to a state of calmness all while increasing energy and decreasing fatigue. This stone is great for improving mood frequencies
  • It’s high production of negative ions helps counteract high frequency EMF fields that surround you through your day to day life. 

This is a good grounding stone which creates a connection between your base chakra and the earth. By having your base chakra grounded you physical body can regain it’s strength and stamina and helps individuals fight demotivation.

What is the difference between Crystal healing mats and regular heating pads?

Regular heating pads heat up carbon fiber or metal wiring which in turn heats up the surrounding air around it’s area. This provides little benefit to you as the heat is unable to penetrate the body like you can with Crystal Heating Mats and Pads. Regular Heating pads also can cause your body to overheat and give your body heat exhaustion. These regular heating pads also adds to bad EMF’s as opposed to shielding them like Crystal Healing mats.  

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