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Hey there, my name is Daryll and I am your typcially hockey loving Canadian. In the past I used to fly like the wind around the rink but playing hockey has actually become more difficult because of lower back issues.  These issues have hampered my perfomance and cause me to have lots of discomfort after I play. I like staying healthy and partaking in various different activities  I have tried  a lot for different methods for this in the past but many of them included taking Pharmaceuticals or pills which I did not belive would be a good way going forward. 

I heard about Far Infrared Mats for the first time from a friend who had a Healthy Wave Pro mat that I could try. After lying on it for an hour I was amazed at how my lower back felt after using it. It was not tense, I did not feel any discomfort or pain and I could bend over pick things up with relative ease. Forever a tester, I decided that I wanted to conduct a trial of me using it working out which you can find out more about here.. 

After that I decided to start looking into a researching other mats to see what the differences are. I had a few pages written out about the pros and cons of each site but then I decided that I wanted to share my findings with the world through this site. In the end I decided that the Healthy Wave 5 therapy mat was the best pick for me. If you are interested in scalar energy you can find another website of mine here

What is Far Infrared PEMF Mat Review About?

When I was looking for the best healing mat for my lower back pain I was had to really dive deep to get past the hype of each mat company. Which one was the best and how would I know? I decided to really start researching the different therapies, how they worked and what effects you could expect from them. Buying a Far Infrared or a PEMF mat is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. There are a lot of different things that you have to consider besides how effective the mat is. Unfortunetly a lot of people often take a leap of faith and buy a product that does not work as well or has a terrible warranty period hidden away on their website. My inspiration for creating this site is to get people informed with what is out there, how effective they may be and the terms that are attached to it.

If I were to leave you with one thing after reading this site it would be these bullet points..

  • Check mat websites in detail See what you are REALLY paying for
  • Look at forums and unbiased review sites to form an opinion. 
  • Look at what past customers have said about the product, contact them if you must. 
  • Check the mat sites to make sure they have detailed information about hte product including statistics. 
  • Beware of MLM companies 
  • Check Money Back Guarantees and Warranties ** Important**
  • Look at mat certification to insure saftey and rigorous testing 
  • Ask Lots of Questions to these Mat Companies


Daryll (Founder of Far Infrared PEMF Mate Reviews)

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