Far Infrared Heat Therapy

The Benefits of Far Infrared Heat Therapy (FIR):

Back Pain Relief, best crsytal healing mats

Some of the benefits of Far Infrared Heat  that are found in Amethyst,Jade and Tourmaline Mats are listed below:

  • Detoxifies blood
  • Improve your sleep cycle by regenerating your body
  • Expands blood vessels which in turn improve circulation allowing more oxygen in to heal inflammation
  • Heals wounds and injuries quicker
  • Increases energy while reducing fatigue
  • Helps fat loss
  • Allows for increased blood circulation which leads directly to pain relief in 30 minutes or less.
  • Restrain Bacterial Growth
  • Reduces your water retention
  • Reduces Inflammation and pain
  • Strengthens your Immune System
  • Relieves Headaches and Migraines
  • Increases Cell Regeneration
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Reduced Back Pain

Far Infrared Heat is something that all living things need, originally produced by sunlight the Healthy Wave Mat has managed to capture this in mat form. How Far Infrared Heat works is that heat penetrates your skin several inches into your body. They are activated when they heat up the crystal gemstones (amethyst, jade and tourmaline) which allows the deep tissue healing to commence.

How Does FIR Work?

Biomat, Healthy Line Mats,Back Pain Relief, best crystal healing matsAll Organisms depend on Far Infrared Heat as it comes in the form of the sun, touching our bodies, pets and partners. All of these activities emit far infrared wavelengths that can penetrate several inches into your body past your skin. Unfortunately for many of us it is not an option to be out in the sun all day. Far Infrared Heat Therapy is a process which utilises Crystal Therapy to produce Negative Ions. That is, heat from the mat warms up crystal gemstones. When this happens the heat is able to penetrate into your body several inches, with it comes negative ions which are able to neutralise (IE Balance) an abundance of positive ions which allows your cells and tissue to work more efficiently. This in turn allows your cells to function at a more efficient rate which reduces common problems such as stress, fatigue , anxiety and Sleep Deprivation and back pain .

How Do I use a Far Infrared Mat for Healing?

Follow the specific manufacturer instructions of the mat that you choose. Some ranges and settings will be different than others so read carefully before using.

How Often Should a Far Infrared Mat be Used?

This ultimately depends on what temperature you have it at and how long you plan on having it on. As a general rule of thumb:

35-40 C – Overnight Use

45-55 C – Over 2 Hours

55-65 C – 30 to 90 minutes

65-70 C – 30 to 60 minutes

If your country uses Fahrenheit adjust accordingly. I would also suggest drinking water throughout the session because your body will be losing heat quicker.

Who can benefit from a FIR mat?

Just about anyone! Far Infrared Heat is not just for people with preexisting conditions. It is also for people who want to maintain the health of their bodies and immune systems.

Where can I buy a FIR mat?

From any of the recommended Mats above that use Far Infrared Heat Therapy

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