How to Protect Yourself from 5G

There has been a lot of chatter about 5G and the increased EMF radiation it produces. Why are people panicked? Is there anything we can do to protect ourselves against 5G? Are there ways to get rid of this increased radiation from our bodies and block EMF radiation from our homes? In this guide, I’ll uncover what products (Healthy Wave PEMF mat and Sheildite) and methods I recommend for protection against 5G and other ways you can protect yourself from the increased exposure of our technological world. 

Reccomendation for 5G and EMF Damage Repair

healthy wave mat podiums

Healthy Wave PEMF Mats


  • Features PEMF Therapy that can repair potential damage made by EMF’s and 5G
  • Far infrared heat soothes and relaxes you while imrpoving your blood circulation

What are EMF’s 

EMF’s or Electromagnetic Frequencies are frequencies that come from a wide array of different environments. There are what I like to call “good EMFs” and “bad EMFs”. Good EMFs are natural frequencies that you can find in places like forests, the beach and all over our globe. These are the ones that our body has evolved around for thousands of years. “Bad EMF’s are frequencies that come from manmade electronics such as TVs. computers, cellphones, and homemade appliances. High exposure to bad EMF’s can cause the following:

This is why people who go outside frequently tend to be healthier and of more positive mind space. From a molecular level, positive ions and negative ions have a part to play in this as well. Positive ions are molecules that are created when electrons are displaced from an atom. They are essential to life but when too many of them form they begin to clump your cells. This clumping process is referred to as “free radicals”. It is the beginning of where problems within your body may start to arise as your cells cannot function like they used to. Positive ions form in industrial environments and surround any form of electronics you may have at home. 

Negative Ions, on the other hand, happen when an extra electron is pushed into an atom to form extra electrons. This creates a balanced atom which is the starting point of all healthy cells. Negative ions reduce the clumping that too many positive ions create which allows your body to function naturally. An excess of negative ions can be found in natural environments such as Waterfalls, forests, and beaches. 

Reccomendation for 5G and EMF Shielding


Sheildite Pendants

  • Blocks Bad EMF’s from high frequency areas
  • Produces Negative Ions

So How does this relate to 5G?

5G is a new network that cell phone companies are pushing that is being implemented as we speak. It’s downloading speed is 20 – 30 X faster than the previous 4 G LTE networks. This boosted Network comes at a price, with the installation of more 5G supported cell towers being implemented throughout your neighborhood. With more towers come higher “Bad EMF” Frequencies that are transmitted to you. It’s not just cellphones but the technology will also be adapted into Wi-Fi Routers all in the name of faster internet. 

What are the Dangers of 5G and Why are Scientists concerned?

There have been numerous amounts of noise about 5G and even 5G being connected to the COVID-19 virus. We are not here to speculate on these claims but rather show why many people are worried about the advancement of 5G technology. Some cities such as Brussels and Geneva have even banned 5G for the foreseeable future because of the questions that surround the new cellular service. Some of these qualms include unanswered questions over the potential to cause irreversible damage to a person’s nervous system, with the potential of even developing cancers and tumors in the long run. 

On top of this, letters have been submitted by Scientists to the Environmental Health Trust to various Governments. There is also an appeal out there that has been signed by 201,383 signatories.

  • Engineers: 4503
  • Medical Doctors: 8036
  • Nurses: 4177
  • Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Social Workers: 9663
  • Doctors of Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Medical Qigong: 2777
  • Doctors of Oriental Medicine: 770
  • Chiropractors: 412
  • Dentists: 438
  • Pharmacists: 552
  • Architects and Builders: 3137
  • Buliding Biologists: 271
  • Veterinarians: 344
  • Beekeepers: 657
  • Other Professions: 54148
  • Citizens: 78082
  • Organizations: 1835 

So What’s the Issue?

The issue is the increased radiation that these 5G Towers give off to your cell phones as well as the increased radiation that comes from Wi-Fi Routers. To compare this Radiational Health Risks compares current wifi routers to emit 5 GHz and 2.4 (gigahertz) to microwave ovens that 2.45 GHz. In contrast to both of these the new 5G Wi-Fi routers are available at 60 GHz, 5GHz and 2.4 GHz. To illustrate further here is a comparison chart. 

Electromagnetic Spectrum

As you can see The 5G range is bordering from normal cell phone (Radio Frequency Spectrum) usage all the way to Microwave and Satellite frequency range. Common sense dictates that it probably is not a good idea to be surrounded by frequency ranges that are similar to those given out by satellite towers and microwaves. 

What Products can you use to protect yourself against EMFs?

The good news between all the doom and gloom of 5G and EMF radiation is that there are a lot of methods out there that can protect you and your family. First I will recommend products that I have tried. They have helped me from feeling emotionally and physically drained in these high-frequency environments. I will also list things that you can do that can help you with the fight against 5G and EMF Radiation.

Healthy Wave Mats

Healthy Wave MatHealthy Wave mats come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and can be used to regenerate your health and overall wellbeing. While these mats are electronic they do feature an EMF shielding layer within the mat that blocks bad EMFs from the electrical outlet. We go into a bit more detail about how these mats can be the perfect device to recharge and regenerate your health and well being below. 

PEMF Therapy 

PEMF Therapy or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy has the ability to charge and polarize our cells to that of the Earth’s Frequency. It does this by producing different frequencies, waveforms, and intensities that match similar ranges to our natural world. The most popular range is known as Schuman’s Frequency which runs at about 8 Hertz and uses a Biphasic waveform which mimics the earth’s waveform frequency. Because we spend so much time around electronics our natural frequency can potentially be out of sync due to all this exposure. 

PEMF is a great way of rebalancing your cells to the earth’s natural resonance while doing this within the comfort of your own home. There are many different ways that you can harness PEMF but our favorite way is through these PEMF Mats. Our Favorite Healthy Wave Mats are the Healthy Wave Multi Wave and the 5 Therapy PEMF Mats. The Multi Wave allows you to choose your own customizable PEMF programs for specific ailments while the 5 Therapy PEMF Mats runs a PEMF program that closely resembles Schumans resonance (The Earth’s natural resonance) . We go super in-depth on PEMF and how these mats implement it on our best pemf mats page. 

PEMF TherapySome Medical Studies that showed benefits to PEMF Therapy include:

We have more pub med studies shown on our PEMF mats review page. 

Far infrared Heat, Crystal and Negative Ion Therapies working together

Far Infrared Heat is a form of electromagnetic energy that closely resembles energy coming from the sun (as seen above in the diagram). All living things need infrared heat to survive, it is the warmth from the sun, the heat between our bodies and the warm feeling of touch you feel from another human or animal. 

Healthy Wave generates far infrared heat by warming up natural crystals.Crystals included in the 5 Therapy mats include Amethyst, Tourmaline, Obsidian, and Jade. These heated crystals generate natural warmth that your body craves and soothes aches and pain your body may have, this puts you and your body in a relaxed state. This is where your cells can actively repair damaged tissue while you are in a relaxed state. 

healthy wave close up

These mats have an active advantage over heaters and infrared spas because the heat is pressed up against your skin which allows its soothing properties to penetrate several inches into your tissue. The second is the release of negative ions that come from these heated crystals. These heated crystals produce a plethora of negative ions (over 3700 per square inch to be exact) that penetrate deep into your body. 

Regular use of far infrared infrared heat therapy can unclump your cells caused by too many positive ions and allow your body to repair itself through cellular regeneration. 

Medical Studies that show advantages of Far Infrared Heat and its other properties Include:

More studies on our far infrared mats review page. 

EMF Shielding 

If you are looking to block bad EMFs away from yourself and your household then EMF shielding is the way to go. EMF shielding is the process of blocking bad EMF’s like radio frequencies, 5G, and electromagnetic radiation from you and your home. My favorite EMF shielding products are Shieldite because they produce an excellent amount of negative ions while coming in a wide array of different shapes, forms, and protection ranges. To get these pendants and blocks to work at their best, ground them every few days. You can do this by simply placing it on the grass or on earth for 15 minutes. Think of this as a recharging process for the stone. 

Recommendation for Personal EMF Protection: Shieldite Pendant

Sheildite Circle

Personal EMF protection is a shielding range that covers most of your body. If you are exposed to a high EMF field for the duration of the day then you need something that can go wherever you go. This is why EMF Shielding Pendants are so popular. Some of them are good while others are made of lower quality materials. Out of a bunch of pendants, I tried out I liked the Shieldite Pendant the best. It not only alters the harmful electromagnetic waves surrounding you, but it also absorbs positive ions that surround those busy environments.

Recommendation for Cell Phone Shielding: Shieldite Cell Phone EMF Protector

Sheildite Cellphone

If you are as concerned about 5G and it’s high 30 + GHz usage then cellphone emf protectors are a great way to shield yourself from incoming radiation from towers and high powered Wi-Fi routers. With these stones, you simply attach them to the back of your cellphone with the double adhesive included. These are also the cheapest of the EMF protection options available at $24.95. 

Recommendation for Office and Home: Shieldite Brick or Pyramid

Shieldite PyramidUnlike the cell phone protector and the pendant, this device is much bigger and therefore stays in one place. It also has a greater area of coverage which means that it can be used to cover the whole room. The smaller pyramids are great for things such as home offices while the Bricks are best for more open areas such as the kitchen, living room. bedroom or even the garage. 



emf protection OfficeIf you really want full protection from Electromagnetic Frequencies then its recommended that you combine the different sizes of Shieldite for full protection against everyday radiation. Doing this will not only give you more EMF shielding against electromagnetic radiation but it will also absorb positive ions that surround these high EMF areas. 

Other Ways to Protect Yourself

Here is a list of other things you can do to protect you and your family from 5g and EMF Radiation

Go Outside more

Nothing regenerates your soul like going out in nature and enjoying what it has to offer. Consistently spending time in the sunshine not only gives you some much needed vitamin D but it also keeps you active which in turn keeps your mind sharp and ready to tackle the day.

Use CrystalsAmethyst Crystal

Crystals such as Fluorite, Tourmaline, Quartz, Amethyst, Obsidian and Hematite are excellent EMF repellers and a few of these crystals are also great negative ion generators. (psst Tourmaline, Amethyst and Obsidian crystals can be found in Healthy Wave mats.)

Turn off Wi-Fi before bed

While we realize it would be hard to completely get rid of your WI-Fi you can limit your exposure by turning it off at night when no one is using it, this will also help your sleep cycle greatly. If you don’t want Wi-Fi in your home at all then get ethernet cables. This will greatly reduce traveling EMFs. 

Keep Your Cell phone Away from your head or off of your Body

Carrying your cellphone around in your pocket is a great way to increase your exposure to these bad EMFs. If you have to keep you cellphone on you then get a cell phone EMF Shield.

Keep your Cell Phone on Airplane mode when it is not in use

This will limit its use greatly and will be especially beneficial when 5G is introduced everywhere throughout the world. 

Get an EMF metertrifield meter

I highly recommend that you get an EMF meter or detector so that you can detect where the source of all the bad frequencies come from, you may be surprised what electronics are the top suspects! The top ones we recommend are the Trifield TF2 and the Cornet ED 88T.

Be Educated! 

This may be one of the most important tips I can give. Make sure that you educate yourself and do research on any questions you have about EMF radiation and the devices that I recommended. Also, be aware of what’s being installed in your neighborhood and be aware of changes that come with 5G regulations. 

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