Best PEMF Mats – 9 Must Read Criteria Before Getting a Mat

Comparing the Best PEMF Mats: 

PEMF Mat Healing Properties Ease of Use Warranty Starting Price (USD) Total Rating
Healthy Wave Mat All 5 Healing Properties

5 Points
Very Clear Instructions

5 Points
-45 day trial satisfaction guarantee
-1 Year Warranty (Optional 5)

5 Points
(Largest Mat)

4 Points
Healthy Wave Mat Full Review

Ereada Compact Pro Mat All 5 Healing Properties

5 Points
Clear Information and Instructions

5 Points
-30 Day Money Back Guarantee
-1 Year Warranty

3 Points

5 Points
Ereada Compact Pro Mat Full Review

Bemer Pro Mat bemer pro mat review 1 Healing Property

1 Point
Some Instructions

2 Points
-30 Day Money Back Guarantee
-3 year Warranty

4 Points

1 Point
Bemer Pro Mat Full Review

IMRS 2000 Professional

1 Healing Property

1 Point
Some Instructions

2 Points
-3 Year Warranty

2 Points

1 Point
IMRS Pro Mat Full Review


PEMF Therapy is a great addition to the years of discoveries done by scientists. It is used to sync our bodies with the magnetic fields of planet earth. Infact NASA did some research on this subject in an effort to combat astronauts becoming ill once returning home. It turned out that the astronauts fell ill as soon as they returned to Earth’s magnetic field and after many years of research they successfully added Pulsed Electromagnetic field Therapy into their space capsules.

What does this have to do with the way we live our lives?

Well, we are living in an increasingly electronic world where wavelengths from electronics regularly interfere with the earth’s own magnetic field. As a result our bodies start to run out of sync with the earth’s field which can in turn impact the way our cells metabolise.

Some of the most common and best Pemf devices are mats. Mats are beneficial because they can provide benefits like cellular regeneration  , detoxification and improve blood circulations all while you are resting, meaning you do not have to take time out of your day to give your human body some of these benefits.


How to Choose a PEMF Mat

The First: Healing Properties

 Two of the mats in the above list provide you with five different therapies that can all work together to give you five key synergies that can help with cellular re-generation. Cellular Re-generation helps combat De-Generation which impacts your cellular level functions. Such things as poor nutrition, toxins, stress, bad emf’s as well as pollution. The five therapies are Far Infrared Heat, Crystal, Negative Ions, PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies)  and Phototherapy. We go into further detail about the benefits of these therapies below.

PEMF Therapy:  best pemf mats

When choosing a PEMF mat we at F.I.P.M.R look for a mat that runs as close as the magnetic frequency range that the earth emits. The earth’s wave form or Schumann Primary Resonance at fundamental mode runs at 7.83 hertz. To get your body synced up to the earth’s fundamental magnetic field we recommend a PEMF  device that syncs as closely to that number as possible. However..

Much is made in the PEMF community about specific types of waveforms. Many of them saying that their waveform is the best and only way to go. Unfortunately for them various different pub med studies tell a different study.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, 9 ,10.

We at Far Infrared PEMF Mat Review prefer the pulsed electromagnetic field therapy intensity to be between 250 – 650 milligauss in a square wave length form similar to Schuman’s Primary Resonance. However the reality of the situation is that all of the above studies all show positive results for PEMF Therapy which is used in the range of .001 milligauss to 10000000 milligauss. These studies simply state that any certified PEMF devices have shown signs that can positively impact your health. What these studies do not state is that the sawtooth wave length is better than a triangle or sine wave length or vice versa. Infact many PEMF devices run on the Sine Wave form because it mimics the waveform of electricity from your electrical outlet. While certain companies will write a long write up on why their waveform is better, actual Pubmed studies that these companies participate in do not specify the specific waveform that they market to people at all. 1  ,

When looking for the best PEMF machines you should not just focus on the PEMF technology to get but rather, how much value are you getting for what you are about to purchase. Unfortunately many people get so focused on the wave form, frequencies and Intensities that they completely ignore other important factors. Things such as price, warranty, different therapies available, company origin, and customer service. As a result many people are spending way more money than they should be on product that over-exaggerates the importance of its waveform, intensities and frequencies.

“Unfortunately many people get so focused on the wave form, frequencies and Intensities that they completely ignore other important factors. Things such as price, warranty, different therapies available, company origin, and customer service.

Far infrared PEMF Mat Reviews

Another thing that goes largely unnoticed is that a PEMF Device is an electrical device and does give off EMFs.  Anything that generates electricity also generates bad EMF’s to a certain degree. While PEMF Therapy largely helps reverse these changes, the fact of the matter is that any mat can still give off some bad EMF’s because it is an electrical appliance. To best combat having any bad emfs come from your mat it should look to make sure that the mat has some sort of EMF shielding layer inside of it to combat bad EMF’s.

Why Should You Care About Other Therapies?

As the ratings go as far as the above table you can see that the more therapies the mat has the more points it has. This is because mats with more therapies can treat more conditions and can compliment the PEMF Therapy aspect. You can read more about these therapies on our Far Infrared Mat page. Below are some cited medical studies that have shown positive effects from these healing properties.

Far Infrared Therapy: Invisible light in the form of heat used to bring about improvements to your body and circulatory system. Through multiple studies Far Infrared Heat Therapy has been able to improve the health of patients with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus and chronic kidney disorders.

Negative Ion Therapy: Molecules that surround us in natural environments that can improve our mood, relieve stress and boost our energy. These counter Positive Ions which can cluster and cause more serious issues down the road. These negative ions help you feel more energised because they are neutralising your atoms which help your cells and body functions all to work in harmony of one another.

Photon Light Therapy: Or Lower Level Light Therapy is red light at a certain wavelength that can penetrate past the surface of your skin which absorbs energy for your cells. This energy gets celluar respiration and regeneration going allowing your cells to repair quicker. 

The reality of the situation is that if you have multiple therapies you will be drastically improving your overall well being and condition as opposed to just one specific unit that promises a certain type of wave form for one particular therapy. On top of that if you look at the price tag of each specific kind of mat you can see that the PEMF specific mats are over 4 X More expensive than the Five Healing Property mats of The Healthy Wave Mats and the Ereada Compact Pro mats.

The Second: Ease of Use

How easy is it to operate the mat and how easy is it to follow along with the instructions? Good PEMF machine mat companies provide lots of information that can come in the form of instructions, videos,pamphlets and articles on their website explain how their product utilises PEMF therapy. Another important factor is customer care/service. Are they willing to answer all of you questions and provide you with all the help that you need to get the most out of your mat? How mat manufacturers respond to customer concerns is pivitol in having a high quality product.

The Third Warranty

If the Company stands by their product and it actually works, chances are they will have a good warranty associated with their mat. Good warranties mean confidence in their products which means that the company philosophy is more centered around the customer as opposed to the companies own needs. What I consider to be good warranties and guarantees in this space are:

  • At least a 30 day Money Back Guarantee
  • At least a 1 year warranty on Manufacturing Defects

In my mind a 30 day money back guarantee is enough time for the customer to actually find time to try the product to see what they think. Essentially this should be treated as a trial period where you can properly test the mat and all its features to make sure everything operates as expected.

A solid warranty is another way to judge how much trust you can have in a particular mat manufacturer. When looking at this section you have to pay particularly close attention to hidden costs that may arise. A respectable warranty in this space typically replaces the mat for free although in some instances you have to pay for shipping which can be a bit of a drag due to its weight and size. Before deciding on a mat check these details out as you could potentially get burned on this. Also check out who you are buying from. There are some unofficial websites that sell the same products but have completely different warranty periods. Make sure you take some time and read these terms before purchasing from any mat site.

Controller Warranty

These are usually the most expensive parts associated with the mat and as such are often excluded in the main warranty itself. A good manufacturer warranty should include the controller within that period and not have a separate warranty on the controller. When manufacturers have a seperate controller warranty it means that the quality is not up to par and the company is hedging its bet.

The Fourth: Price

This is one of the biggest things you have to look out for in this space. There can be a huge price discrepancy between companies. Does this mean that the more expensive the price the better the product? In a simple word, No. In this mat space there are lots of MLM (Multi Level Marketing) companies that charge higher prices for less effective products. They do this because they have to pay a referral based commission structure that rewards recruiters to find new recruiters. They can do this because they were first movers and have the “brand” name that people recognise. This does not always mean its the best choice though.

Always look what you get for the price, in the PEMF device space that means studying the stats of each company and stacking them up against each other like I have laid out for you here.

Other Important Factors


Similar to the Far Infrared mats I do not consider PEMF therapy devices to be dangerous in any form as it is just a way to sync your pulsed electromagnetic field to the earth’s. What I do believe you should look for however is some sort of certification. The more legitimate certifications the better but the one that each mat should at least have is a 510(K) clearance. 510(K) is a premarket notification that is cleared for sale the USA. It has to fit into one of three categories of that is in order of how much regulation is required. Other Certifications you may see with these mats include:

MDC Certification: Indpendant Review Company working in the medical field of Europse that deems if Health products are safe for use.

CB Certification: An Electronic Certification that measures Electromagnetic Fields Compatibility across the globe

CE Certification: Insured that the Products related to the Health Field pass product tests for European Consumption and Use.

Health Canada Certified:  The Licence is issued in accordance with section 36 of the Medical Devices Regulations.

PEMF Mat Reviews

There are some brief overviews that detailed the highlights (both good and bad) of each mat. Further indepth Reviews can be found at the bottom of each section or under the menu above.

#1 Healthy Wave Mat

Healthy Wave is the complete mat when it comes to not just PEMF but ,the other five therapies it is involved with as well. It utilises far infrared heat, crystal, negative ion, photon as well as PEMF therapy.

On Healthy Wave Mat’s Website there is a ton of information that goes into great detail as to how to use the Mat and the kinds of healing it creates with it’s 5 Healing Properties. Far Infrared Heat, PEMF, Photon Light, Negative Ions and Crystal Therapies


  • Includes All Five Therapies
  • PEMF is Closest to Schumman Resonance of 7.83
  • Helps With Blood Circulation
  • Website is Full of Information
  • Best Trial/ Money back Guarantee (45 Days)
  • 5 Year Controller Warranty
  • Lower Starting Price
  • Buy Direct from Site
  • More Negative Ions Per Square Inch
  • Free Repairs and Shipping Within Warranty Period


  • Only has 1 Year Warranty Included (Option of 5 but you have to pay a bit extra)
  • Controller is Relatively Simple

When it comes to PEMF Therapy we found Healthy Wave ran closest to Schumann Primary Resonance as it came to within three hundredths(7.8) of the 7.83 Hertz magnetic field. Healthy Wave  also used a Biphasic type of waveform which gives off multiple PEMF bursts within the square wave envelope form which takes the cells through full magnetic polarity. This is important because this type of waveform almost mimics the Earth’s Magnetic Wave and the Schumann Resonance Frequency.

The Milligauss in which Healthy Wave Operates goes to a maximum of 3000 (3 Guass). This gives you a bigger range which includes 250 and 650 milligauss(.250 – .650 Guass) that the earth’s magnetic field operates in. It also allows you to get more PEMF benefits in a shorter period of time. This allows you to receive an acceptable level of PEMF with just 20 mins to a half hour of use instead of having to spend hours on it to receive an acceptable level.

In terms of Ease of use Healthy wave has informational articles on its Website that are well over 2,500 words explaining exactly how each technology works. It also has lots of visual content including informational videos. Of course the most important factor in all of this is customer service. When I tried the Healthy Wave Mat Pro, I had a few questions that I wanted answered, specifically about some of the technology. Their customer care/service was friendly and were willing to take the time to explain things to me.

Healthy Wave Provides the best Trial Money Back Guarantee in the industry with 45 days of coverage. This is a great time period for you to be able to sample the product to see if it is right for you.

The Warranty lasts for 1 full year, which is ok but this is the only place where the Healthy Wave Mat lost some points. This is because other competitors have Warranties of up to 3 years. Healthy Wave does however, offer free repair which includes free shipping that is paid by Healthy Wave themselves. If any of you are familiar with shipping rates you would know that this is not a particularly cheap item to ship due to its weight and size. In this particular space it is hard to find any manufacturers that offer this as many will actually expect you to pay for shipping.

It also does provide a 5 year warranty on the controller which is not very common in this space. The controller is often the most expensive component so other mat manufacturers are hesitant to give out extended warranties on these parts. Often times warranties on controllers only last about 6 months or even less if it is not from the official website.

To get all 5 healing properties a full PEMF mat costs about 1,349 USD. Smaller ones cost less if you have a specific ailment that you just want to focus on. I tried the full length Healthy Wave Pro which you can read below.

You can find my reviews on the Healthy Wave Mats here.

>>Check Out Healthy Wave Website<<

#2 Ereada  Mat

The Ereada  Mat features All 5 Healing Properties that the Healthy Wave Mat has and provides ample information on it’s site. So what’s the difference between the two?

Ereada does use all 5 Healing properties but, it does not not feature the same variety as the Healthy Wave mat. Ereada does actually feature more crystals but, you cannot pick and choose between the crystals like you can with the Healthy Wave Mat as they are all preselected into certain mats and what they have is what you get.


  • Includes All Five Therapies
  • Helps With Blood Circulation
  • Boosts Creativity
  • Website has Full Instructional Videos
  • Lowest Starting Price
  • 30 Day Trial Period


  • Only has 1 Year Warranty Included 
  • Not 510 (K) Certified
  • Not a lot of Variety In Terms of What Mats you Can Get Compared to Healthy Wave
  • You Have to Pay Return Shipping on Returns 

The Healthy Wave Pro has a wide range of different combinations of crystals, Photon and PEMF combinations that you can use based on the information they provide. This allows you to choose the best mat for yourself without having to go all in with features that you do not want.

Moving on to PEMF, Ereada’s copper coils manage to generate 100 – 400 miligauss with pulses that range from 8 to 60 times per second. The PEMF range on this mat is a bit more in the lower spectrum but it covers some of the same magnetic fields that you can expect from planet earth which is in the range on 250 – 650 miligauss.

Ereada also has a pretty standard 30 day return policy coupled with a 1 year warranty on manufacturing. Unfortunately you have to pay for return shipping and refunds can take up to four weeks to process. There are also restocking fees which are explained here.

Where Ereada hauled in a good amount of points is it’s price. Their price for the Ereada Amethyst Mat pro 73 X 29 mat was $1,139.00 which is the cheapest mat. Having said this the Ereada is not 510 (K) certified but it does have certification of gemstones done by the Korean Gemological institutes. New Ereada Mats can be found on Ebay and their website.

Read the Full Review on the Ereada Mat

#3 Bemer Pro Mat

Bemer, just like Biomat is a Multi Level Marketing company who marks up the price to be able to pay distributors who successfully recruit other distributors.


  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Comes with a Variety of Different Applicators (B Body Mat, B Pad, B Light, B. Spot 
  • Is FDA 510 (K), CE, and MDC Certified 
  • Standard Money Back Guarantee
  • 3 Pre Defined Programs with 10 Intensity Levels


  • Most Expensive Price Tag
  • PEMF Frequency skips Schumann Frequency
  • Only has One Therapy (PEMF)
  • Must Pay Return Shipping and 10% Restocking Fee for a Return
  • Is an MLM Company (Why the Price in Inflated) 
  • Only 6 Month Warrany on B. Box (The Controller) 
  • Website Does Not Provide a Lot of Information

The low rating allocated to Bemer does not have so much to do with how it works. It works very well and lots of people have given praise about it’s PEMF capabilities. It’s the fact that it only features one type of therapy and the price is more than triple what other mats that have PEMF capabilities. Bemer, similar to Biomat are able to do this because they were some of the first movers into this category but people are starting to become more wary about this.

Some things that Bemer says it’s mat can do includes:

  • Decrease in injury healing
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Improves Sleeping
  • Can improve cellular Regeneration
  • Decreases Stress Levels

The Bemer Pro does this by including adding an all in one package that does not just include the mat and it’s controller but also includes the B. Light and B.Scan for full body use for more targeted PEMF use.

The PEMF stats from Bemer is that it runs two different types of frequencies. 10 Hertz and 33 Hertz. This falls outside the 7.83 rating of Schumann Primary Resonance which is the most natural magnetic field frequency you can use as it mimics the earth’s natural magnetic field. It also uses a 35 to 350 Milligauss which just touches the earth’s frequency of 350 to 650 Milligauss While this is a good base you will have to be on the mat for a longer period to get fully synced to a natural level.

The Bemer mat is famous for it’s Patented “Bemer Waveform” which has variable frequency sinusoidial waves within a saw tooth envelope. Within this sawtooth envelope is a fre4quency that repeats 33 times per second whith a choice of 10 different intensity settings available. Bemer states that it’s waveform is superior when in fact there are no proof of studies that actually compare Bemers Waveform against others such as the sinusoidial wave.

Other areas where the Bemer Pro lost some points is the fact that it’s warranty is a bit gray. It does feature a standard 30 day money back guarantee and a 3 year warranty. This looks pretty good on the outside but if you start reading inbetween the lines you will notice that for the 30 day money back you need to do the following:

  • Return Request Must be made within 30 days
  • Product has to be in original packaging
  • Addition accessories must be included in package
  • Copy of the Invoice
  • You must pay the Shipping back
  • You get charged a 10% restocking fee
  • On top of this the 30 day only applies to Bemer and not any of it’s distributors.

In terms of the warranty it is 3 years EXCEPT for the B.Box and the B.Light which only feature a 6 month warranty. These are the most expensive and complex components that are most likely to fail out of the whole package. If you are looking for a better price on Bemer Pro Mats you can go to Ebay and buy Pre – Owned

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#4 iMRS 2000 Professional Mat

iMRS has been one of the first movers in the PEMF Industry and have been around for more than 15 years. This mat claims to have some technological features such as 4 PEMF Frequency Settings, different applicators for general and more targeted use.


  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 4 PEMF Frequency Settings
  • One of the First Movers in the PEMF Industry
  • A Variety of Different Applicators Included
  • Has Good Certification (FDA Regulated, MDC, CB, CE and Health Canada Certified


  • No Return Policy on their Website
  • Expensively Priced
  • Was an MLM Company for a Long Time
  • Cannot Purchase Direct like an Ecommerce Site (A Lifestyle Consultant Contacts you once you Email them) 
  • Hard to Find Exact PEMF Information on their Main Sites 

Things the iMRS website says it does is:

  • Improves mobility
  • Increases energy
  • Increased Strength
  • Improved circulation of blood
  • Improved Immune system
  • Repairs cells
  • Detoxifies cells

It does this through PEMF frequencies ranging from .3, 3, 5.5 and 15 Hertz and has intensities rated from .0009 to 3 Gauss depending on what applicator you use. The iMRS 2000 Professional comes with the following:

  • Control Unit
  • Power Plug
  • Manual
  • Whole Body Mat(63” x 23”)
  • WHole Body Pad(19” x 11”)
  • Probe
  • SD Card (with wellness setting  set to 400)
  • Full Database with 3500 pre-programed variations
  • Timer that last 1 to 60 minutes

The model that we review is priced at $5,545. There are cheaper versions such as the iMRS Wellfit and the iMRS 2000 complete which are priced at $3775 and $4565 respectively.

So why the poor rating? The rating had nothing to do with the mats PEMF capabilities (We will get to that in the near future) but came down to the little details that every potential buyer should take notice in.

Some of the main issues where that the pemf devices cost was inflated compared to other mats. You are esentially paying double for a mat that provides only one type of therapy.  A big reason for this is because it has had an MLM structure for a long time. Meaning iMRS has to pay distributors for recruiting new people into the program. It is unclear if they are still using this exact method as they now have distributors but when you go to purchase anything from their two websites they ask you who reffered you.

While iMRS Warranty on manufaturing defects was good they provide no evidence on a money back guarantee at all. This means you get no trial period to see if you actually like the product at all. If you were wanting to try the product out you would have to go the rent to own option where you would have to pay an inttial $500 as well as a $1000 security deposit on the product. You get the $1000 Security deposit back but the $500 goes towards the mat. If you are set on getting this mat it is best to do the rent to own option where you pay the $500 and from there you can make your mind up as to whether you want it or not. If you do want it the $500 goes towards the price of the mat. 

Read The Full Review on the iMRS 2000 Professional



When looking for the Best Mats in PEMF reviews it is worth it to see what kind of therapies are included besides PEMF. In our books the more therapies you get for less money will always be the better buy. It is also important to look at how easy it is to operate the mat and how well customer care responds to you, a good money back guarantee and a good warranty. Perhaps most important of all is what you get for the price and how the company gets to its price points. The PEMF mat industry is changing as more players get into the game so it is always important to find out who is on top of things.

In this case Healthy Wave has the best PEMF device /mat. It featured five beneficial healing properties, clear research and information provided, the best warranty and money back guarantee with no gimmicks that are more common than not in this industry. While they did not have the lowest price we still thought that it was in an acceptable range for the quality you recieve.