Ereada Amethyst Compact Pro Mat – 13 Important Facts Explained

Healing Properties
Full 5 Therapies 100%
Ease of Use
Lots of Information/ Instructions 100%
30 Day Trial/ 1 Year Warranty 60%
Starting Price
3 Therapy Mat $990/ 5 Therapy Mat $1139 100%

Total Rating

  • Includes Far Infrared Heat,PEMF, Crystal, Photon Light and Negative Ion Therapies
  • 30 Day Trial Period (Money Back Guarantee. 1 Year Warranty on Mat

Ereada is a mat company that focuses primarily on mats and mat accessories such as amethyst pillows, magnetic mats, controllers and mat covers. Their main products are the Brown Classic Ereada Amethyst Far Infrared Heating Mats, The Ereada Fir Amethyst Mat Compact Pro Mats and the Eereada Gemstone FIR Bio Magnetic Mats.

In this example we will mostly be reviewing the The Purple Ereada Amethyst Fir Bio Magnetic Photon PEMF Mat as it was rated #2 in both the Best Far Infrared and Best PEMF mat articles. It is also the only other mat that features all 5 Healing properties (PEMF, Far Infrared, Photon Light, Crystal and Negative Ion Therapy).

Who is the Ereada Amethyst Compact Pro Mat for?

While these mats are ideal for people who suffer from inflammation and pain they can also be used in a variety of different ways such as..

  • Creates a calm setting within your household
  • Balances your chakras
  • Provides you a setting to which you can meditate and clear your head
  • Can boost creativity
  • Compliments exercises, workouts, massages, yoga and reiki
  • Boosts Creativity

You may notice that unlike many of the other mat manufacturers that mostly focus on symptoms and pain points and healing ereada talks about how it can be beneficial for the everyday person who exercises, meditates and does a wide variety of different exercises and does not focus on the ailing person.

Where It Rates

Ereada Compact Pro Mat comes out in second place in the top 5 pemf and far infrared mats and scored a 9/10 total rating.

Far Infrared MatHealing PropertiesEase of UseWarrantyStarting PriceTotal Rating
Healthy Wave Mat 5 Healing Properties

5 Points
Very Clear Instructions

5 Points
-45 day trial satisfaction guarantee
-15 Month Warranty (5 Month on Controller)

4 Points
Starts at $680.00

5 Points
Healthy Wave Mat Full Review

Ereada Mat 5 Healing Properties

5 Points
Clear Information and Instructions

5 Points
-30 Day Money Back Guarantee
-1 Year Warranty

3 Points

4 Points
Ereada Compact Pro Mat Full Review

Biomat 7000mx 3 Healing Properties

3 Points
Clear with Instructions

4 Points
-7 Day Full Return Policy
-3 Year Warranty

2 Points

2 Points
Biomat Full Review


Healing Properties: In terms of healing properties Ereada Compact Pro Mat scored a  full 5 points. It has all the Healing Therapies (PEMF, Photon Light, Far Infrared Heat, Negative ion and Crystal Therapy). Even though it does not have the variety of choice when it came to choosing crystals like Healthy Wave Mats did but it did make up for the fact by having an average of 4 pounds more amethyst put in than the other mat companies.

Ease of Use: Ereada Compact Pro Mat has a lot of instructions on how to use their products. I was particularly impressed with how detailed they went into their specifications in each of their mats. They also had good instructional videos on how to use their mats which I believe is a big plus.

Warranty: Ereada also has a pretty standard 30 day return policy coupled with a 1 year warranty on manufacturing. Unfortunately you have to pay for return shipping and refunds can take up to four weeks to process. There are also restocking fees which are explained here. This warranty period is decent but there are other mat manufacturers like HEALTH WAVE That have more favorable terms.

Starting Price: Ereada’s price is actually pretty good. The Ereada Compact Pro Mat is $1139 which is actually cheaper than the closest comparable model of Healthy Wave Mat at $1,349. This is because Ereada puts more 4 pounds more Amethyst in the  Ereada Compact Pro Mat to make up for the lack of Jade and Tourmaline featured in the Healthy Wave Mats.

How it Works

The Ereada Compact Pro Mat uses all five healing properties to help the user improve their day to day life and mood. The mat is made of 17 layers and contains more than 21 pounds of amethyst for each mat.

The 5 Different Therapies Ereada uses are:

Crystal Therapy

In this case Ereada uses 21 pounds of Amethyst crystals which is more amethyst than any of the other mat manufacturers. This is impressive considering many other mat manufacturers have 16 pounds or less. Unfortunately though, it only features Amethyst Crystals which are able to give you 1 type of crystal healing benefit. In comparison Healthy Wave actually has three plus crystals available. It also has more varieties of mats available with the crystal combinations while the Ereada Compact Pro Mat has primarily Amethyst crystals in it.

Ereada does feature another a mat called the Gemstone FIR Bio Magnetic Mat but it does not give you the choice of picking and choosing what gemstones you would like in what kind of mat.

Far Infrared Heat

The Ereada Compact Pro runs it’s Far Infrared Heat at 7 different intensity levels within 68 F and 158 F at a 93% efficiency with a wave length of 4 to 16 microns which is designed to penetrate Far Infrared heat 6-8 inches into your body. It also has heat sensors running the full length of the mat to control the heat.

Negative Ion Therapy

A bi- product of the Far Infrared Heat and the Crystal therapy provided by the amethyst crystal, the mat has a special negative ions button which generates a plethora of negative ions through the mats layers and an electrical discharge. Unfortunately I could not find how many negative ions per square inch this mat uses.

PEMF Therapy

Equipped with 300 gauss Permanent Magnetic field intensity, the Ereada Compact Pro has a Rapid Very Low Frequency Pulsation Magnetic Intensity in the range of .100 – .400 Guass. While it does rate within the earths magnetic field it will take you longer to receive all of these PEMF benefits. Typically a Guass that is in the range of 2 – 10 range will only take 20 minutes to get your cells fully recharged. It also runs at a Magnetic Pulsation Frequency of 8- 60 per session. This helps protect you from EMF damage and helps promote blood flow through the natural magnetic waves of the PEMF.

Photon Light Therapy

The Ereada Compact Pro Mat has 16 Red Light LED’s that can get to 660 nm which can get through to the Epidermis and Dermis of your skin. This is a good frequency that can be beneficial to clearing up common problems such as acne and other skin related treatments.


Ereada Amethyst Compact Pro Mat

Ereada has a variety of different mats they offer but the most prevalent are the EREADA® FIR AMETHYST MAT COMPACT PRO,EREADA™


The mat we are currently reviewing that has all five healing properties.

20″ x 32″ Ereada™ Amethyst Mat Mini
24″x59″ Ereada™ Amethyst Mat Compact Pro ( Midsize )
29″ x 73″ Ereada™ Amethyst Mat Professional ( Pro )
39″ x 75″ Ereada™ Amethyst Mat Single
59″ x 75″ Ereada™ Amethyst Mat Queen
20″ x 12″ x 4″ Ereada™ Amethyst Pillow
18″ x 7″ x 3.5″ Ereada™ Mini Amethyst Pillow


Ereada Mat

The smaller models of these mats have a blend of different crystals that could include Amethyst, Garnet, Agate, Jade, Natural Quartz, Chalcedony, Tourmaline as well as yellow mud, white clay and bio-ceramic spheres. It also has a PEMF feature giving it a total for four different crystal therapies.

20″ x 32″ Ereada™ Gemstone Mat Mini
24″x59″ Ereada™ Gemstone Mat Compact Pro ( Midsize )
29″ x 73″ Ereada™ Gemstone Mat Professional ( Pro )
39″ x 75″ Ereada™ Gemstone Mat Single
59″ x 75″ Ereada™ Gemstone Mat Queen


ereada amethyst mat

This mat relies on Amethyst as a major tool in its healing power. As such it relies on three therapies (Negative Ion, Crystal and Far Infrared Heat) .

20″ x 32″ Ereada™ Amethyst Mini Mat
24″x59″ Ereada™ Amethyst Mat Compact Pro ( Midsize )
29″ x 73″ Ereada™ Amethyst Mat Professional ( Pro )
39″ x 75″ Ereada™ Amethyst Mat Single
59″ x 75″ Ereada™ Amethyst Mat Queen
20″ x 12″ x 4″ Ereada™ Amethyst Pillow
18″ x 7″ x 3.5″ Ereada™ Mini Amethyst Pillow

The Controller

Ereada Controller

he Controller of the Ereada Compact Pro is relatively simple looking but is easy to use. You simply choose what therapy you need and can choose what heat temperature you would like to run your Far Infrared heat Therapy at. It’s heat ranges between 86 F and 158 F (30°C-70°C) and can run PEMF Therapy for 20 minute cycles every two hours.

The Photon Light function activates the lights in one hour cycles every 4 hours and has an auto shut off feature after 2 cycles of use.


Ereada has certifications for crystal gemstones that it uses that are tested by the Korean Gemological Institutes and Cha Gem Labratory.

Unfortunately Ereada has not gotten any certification from the FDA . After seeing this I could see why they were conservative with claims on benefits you can experience after using the mats. This to me is a bit concerning. Especially if they could of at least filled out a 510 (K) which is what both Healthy Wave and even Biomat have.

Warranty and Guarantees

Ereada covers all of it’s mats with a 1 year warranty that includes free shipping and return shipping if there in fact is a factory defect.Ereada also features a 30 day money back guarantee which is the standard with many healing mats.

The warranty that Ereada offers is limited and does not include protection from improper use, wear and tear which is fair. The controllers seem to be the items that need to be replaced the most. So much so Ereada has said in their warranty page to make sure you buy a surge protector so that your controller does not fry in case of a power outage. For any questions you may have you can contact Ereada directy.

If you are looking to purchase an Ereada Mat you can vist Ebay or go directly to their website.

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