Biomat Review

In this review, we will be going over what to look for, how Biomat rates compared to the Top Far Infrared Mats.

I have personally tested the Biomat mat against the Healthy Wave 5 Therapy Mat, and the Ereada Pro. The tests are based on an old injury I have sustained that keeps nagging me when I play hockey.

I have also made a comparative video that gives you insights on the construction of the mat, where it comes from, what to look for, and where to purchase it.

What I found was the Amethyst Biomat actually scored the worst out of the far infrared mats it compared against. This was not because of the mat’s capabilities but because of the finer details in the warranty and return policy given to the paying customer.

When I tried it out I found the Mat to have very impressive packaging and presentation. However, I found the Amethyst Biomat to be less impressive compared to the Healthy Wave Pro 5 Therapy mat.. 

This was because I could use the PEMF along with the Far Infrared Rays with the Healthy Wave mat. The Biomat only featured Far Infrared Heating (Along with Crystal and Negative Ion Therapy), which made for temporary relief that lasted a few hours before it faded.

Richway Amethyst Biomat
Biomat Healing Properties
3 Therapies 60%
Biomat Ease of Use
Some Information/ Instructions 80%
Biomat Warranty
7 Day Trial Period 40%
Biomat Starting Price
$1695 40%

Total Rating


In this review, I go over all the Biomat specifications, where the mat compares. We take a look at how its therapies work, and some of the benefits that you can experience when using them.

Curious? Well, let’s get into the review!

What is a Biomat

The Richway Biomat is a far infrared mat filled with crystals that heats up. When heated up the Biomat produces far infrared heat, negative ions and exclusive benefits that are given off by the crystals.

The mat can be used for personal use or professional use if you have a health practice. It is ideal for people who have pain points throughout their body. 

Think back to the 90’s when you used to use those heating pads. Using a far infrared mat is a more effective way of transferring heat into the deeper tissues of your body. As opposed to just heating up the epidermis (skin) which is what heating pads mostly do. 

Biomat is the most famous infrared mat in the world. Established in 1997 Biomat, is owned by Richway International. Richway also owns other health-related products such as the Alkal-Life Water Ionizer, Bio-belts, Detoxi Salt, and more.

The Amethyst Biomat 7000mx mat is the most popular line in the Richway Biomat family. In the past, it has been the benchmark for healing mat companies for many years. It has also been the subject of several research studies.

These include Evaluating Thermotherapy, Effects of Repeated Thermal Therapy for Patients with Chronic Pain, Biomat Skin Temperature Test Protocol. As well as Far Infrared Rays Radiation and its biological effects and medical applications. We source these later on In this review. 

Common uses for the Infrared Biomat are:

  • For muscle pain
  • Muscle spasms
  • Stiffness and joint pain
  • Various different strains
  • Arthritis and associated joint pain
  • Muscular back pain (1)
  • Muscle Relaxation
  • Increased Blood Circulation

There are also claims from practitioners that they have found that the mat has helped with several issues. These include patients’ stress, improved sleeping patterns, and reduced inflammation.

I’ve Read Conflicting Reports on Biomat

Is Biomat a scam? I would not say so, no. They do have a decent product when it comes to Infrared Therapy and there are many different customers who swear by their investment including some family friends of mine. 

Many of them love the fact that they could get rid of the majority of the pain medication they use.

I do believe there are much better options out there. That give you more healing properties, better access to information. And most crucially better warranty and return periods than the Biomat provides. We will get more into this below.

Real Life Biomat

Another thing to note is the Biomat business model. It runs on an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) style business model. 

For those unfamiliar with this type of model basically, a distributor’s income is sales and a straight percentage that is based on how many people they actively recruit. 

This actively inflates the price of the Biomat to be so and not because it is the most superior product, but rather it needs to keep healthy profits by raising the price so that it can actively support this style business model. To be fair to Biomat though, the price point is not too far off from the other pro mats. 

Where it Rates: Richway Amethyst Biomat Review

In our side-by-side comparison of the best-infrared mats. We found that the Biomat Professional did not have the best price, nor the greatest variety of crystals and therapies. If you look at the table you can see that both the Healthy Wave and Ereada Mat have eclipsed the Biomat in almost all of our categories.

Healing Properties: The Richway Amethyst Biomat only features three healing properties compared to the fiveprovided by Healthy Wave and Ereada mat

What Biomat is missing is the fact that it has not come up with PEMF technology and Photon Light Therapy. The three healing properties that this amethyst mat does have is simply not as impressive as the top pick.

Crystals: The Amethyst Biomat Professional mat features two crystal varieties. Amethyst and a TOCA layer. The TOCA layer is crushed tourmaline powder that is woven into the fabric. 

The Healthy Wave features 4 different crystals. Amethyst, Jade, Obsidian and Tourmaline. The Amethyst is crushed, while the Jade, Obsidian, and Tourmaline come as buttons scattered throughout the mat. The interesting thing is the Healthy Wave mat actually has2.5 lbsmore of amethyst which in turn provides more infrared light waves.

Ease of Use: Biomat does include an ample amount of instruction. Yet, it lacks the full depth of information done compared to the other top makes. 

In a few pages, Biomat repeats itself with the same benefits worded in many different variations. What I did like though is the fact that the Biomat company linked to Peer-Reviewed research done by doctors

It also shows its Safety test reports which means that it had some criteria it needed to pass before the product could be sold to the general public.

The Biomat can be used on the floor, (firm) bed or a massage table.

Warranty: The 3-year on manufacturing(2) is among the best but it’s 7-day return policy is exceedingly HARSH in our opinion. Most companies have at least a 30-day money-back guarantee. So that the customer has time to acclimate to their product. 

To think about it in other other product terms. Imagine buying a mattress in a box and only having 10 days to see if you like it. When in reality it takes at LEAST 7 days to come into its full form.

How the Mat affects the person depends on each individual’s unique reaction to the mat. For some people, the pain relief is instant while for others it takes weeks to start feeling a difference. In our mind, they are not doing themselves any favors with such a short money-back period.

Starting Price: The Biomats price tag was not too far off but it was still almost $200 off the Healthy Wave 5 Therapy Mat. The mat that scored the best in this category was actually Ereada which was almost $400 cheaper than the Biomats price point. 

Overall we gave the Biomat a decent score in price just because it was comparable to the other mats on the table. 

Biomat Therapies

Biomat runs three therapies that are all intertwined with each other’s treatments. Far Infrared, Negative Ion, and Crystal Therapies all run off of each other to provide synergistic benefits to your body as well as help regulate pain management.

Far Infrared Heat Therapy

Far Infrared Therapy is made possible by heating up the amethyst and tourmaline crystal layers in the 7000mx. It produces FIR wavelengths of up to 6 inches which penetrate the mid to upper range of the dermis and epidermis (layer in and below your skin). 

The higher these FIR wavelengths are the more effective they are at transporting that heat to the body effectively. This heat allows blood flow to circulate to the affected tissuebetter whether that be lower back pain (2), Vascular Inflammation (3), or improved skin pigmentation (4). Far infrared Heat has been studied in clinical trials and patients have seen improvement in many different areas including:

Improved Health of patient

  • Improved Health of patients Who have Cardiovascular and Autoimmune diseases (5)
  • Reduction in Pain and Stiffness (6)
  • Improved Conditions of Patients with Chronic Pain (7)
  • Relieved Women of Menstrual Cramping (8)
  • Reduction in Blood Pressure Levels (9)

Some of these conditions require deep heat penetration that is beyond just the dermis and the epidermis. We have found that the Healthy Wave 5 Therapy mat has the capability of penetrating up to 8 inches which can be used for some of the problems that go on beyond the dermis and epidermis. Far infrared Heat also features different negative ion readings depending on the stones used.

Negative Ion Therapy

Negative Ions are everywhere. Have you ever noticed how much better you feel when you are outdoors and away from technology? That’s the beauty of negative ions, they allow you to recharge away from environments that have too many positive ions ( Suburban environments, Offices, cities).

The negative ions produced from the Biomat 7000mx are a by-product of the Far Infrared Rays. The Far Infrared rays are produced by natural stones like tourmaline and amethyst. In the past Biomat used to have alternating rows of tourmaline and amethyst but now Biomat uses a TOCA layer. TOCA (Tourmaline Catch Power) layer is made of an ionized fabric layer and uses powdered tourmaline.

How much of an effect this had made on the negative ions remains to be seen. One could draw the conclusion that there is not as much tourmaline in the newer models compared to the older models. Tourmaline is the most conductive stone that produces the most negative ions per square inch.

Crystal Therapy

How do crystals factor into far-infrared heat and negative ions? Crystals are like the engine that allow Far Infrared Heat and Negative Ions to happen on the mat. Without the crystals it would be just another heating pad!

As mentioned above the Biomat uses a combination of two different types of crystals. Amethyst and the TOCA Layer. Other older Biomat models only have amethyst in them so be wary of which mat contains which crystals. The Biomat 7000mx (now called the Biomat Professional) features 17.63 lbs of amethyst with each stone being approximately 5-12 mm in length.

Others such as the Healthy Wave Mat give you the ability to get all four natural crystal therapy stones. As well as the ability to choose ones you want to be included in your mat. Besides HW providing more crystal varieties it actually has more crystals inside the product as well. Crystals are the source of what makes this type of healing possible.

Healthy Wave has:

  • 20 lbs of Crushed Amethyst
  • 48 Jade Stone Pieces
  • 40 Tourmaline Pieces

Biomat has:

  • 17.5 lbs of Crushed Amethyst
  • TOCA Layers (Which is a crushed tourmaline layer woven into the fabric)

Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst is a conductive crystal that has been used for centuries for its healing capabilities of both the mind and body. 

While it is harder to find scientific claims about the effectiveness of crystals by themselves. Many people have reported benefits such as a reduction in headaches, improved digestive health, enhanced immune system and even treating mental issues such as addiction. The Professional Biomat features 17.5 Lbs of crushed amethyst crystal. Amethyst crystals give off over 1500 negative ions per square inch.

Scroll below to see how many amethyst crystals are in each Biomat product.

TOCA Layer

Tourmaline has long been used as a grounding stone. It has been used to deflect negative energies in the past. 

Today they are a fine layer woven within the Biomat. Biomat used to produce models that had more tourmaline in them but now they have crushed tourmaline layers woven into the fabric. 

Tourmaline is a big negative ion conductor and can produce over 1500 negative ions per square inch. It can also produce negative ions even when it is not heated and sitting at room temperature.

EMF Protection

Of course, anything that needs electricity to operate will produce harmful EMFs. Thankfully Biomat has EMF shielding included which comes as a fiberglass layer within the 17 layers of the product. More on those layers below. Control units made after 2012 have an “EMF Inception Light” that lights up to state that EMF is being actively blocked.

My Personal Experience:  Biomat Review

Biomat Professional

I pressed a little bit about what I thought on the Biomat vs Healthy Wave mat. I’ll go into more detail about what I thought after my experience of trying the Biomat Professional mat for my lower back pain relief.

I found the Amethyst Biomat benefits less effective than the Healthy Wave Pro Mat in strict terms of healing capability and pain issues

When trying both mats I tested them both for a half-hour period at a 45 C medium body temperature setting. In these cases, I used them right after I played some pickup hockey. 

Oftentimes coming back from the rink my back gets sore because I make stretching movements to retrieve the puck I would not otherwise make. This would trigger deep pain in my lower back that I would normally have to knead out with a message ball.

The Biomat 7000mx was comfortable to lay on and it did give me temporary relief of back pain for the first few hours. Unfortunately, my back pain would start nagging me after that first hour had passed. 

Compared to the Healthy Wave Pro Mats that had two more different kinds of crystals (Jade and Obsidian). Healthy Wave also gave me two other therapy options found in PEMF and Photon Light.

I found that the PEMF really helped accelerate the healing process because it worked together with the far-infrared heat. 

PEMF or Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields is a therapy that stimulates your cells through multiple magnetic polarity bursts. The Healthy Wave 5 Therapy Mat runs at 7.8 hertz which is close to Schumann’s Resonance range that closely resembles the earth’s magnetic range

The Far Infrared Heat allowed more circulation to the affected area. The PEMF energized my cells by stimulating their cilia (little hairs that surround the cell that allow the cell to do its normal functions). This allows your cells to function at a HIGHER level, thus allowing accelerated healing of affected areas.

The difference between the 5 Therapy and the Biomat infrared mat. Was that when using the Healthy Wave mat it actually felt more soothing on my back. The hockey injury did not cause nearly as much pain and discomfort after I used the Healthy Wave mat.

With the Biomat I found that I didn’t have as much pain and discomfort but it would reappearafter a few hours had gone by. This could have been because there were more crystals and crystal combinations in the Healthy Wave 5 therapy mat.

I did some research and I found out that some of the crystals that are missing from the Biomat are actually some of the bigger ion conductors. The tourmaline in the Biomat is the fine TOCA layer while in the Healthy Wave mat it comes in 40 button-like pieces. Jade is able to produce some negative ions in both heated and unheated environments which is not present in the Biomat.

In terms of the controller, I actually liked the Biomats setup as the controller looks more modern and is in tablet form which I found was a nice touch. I had no real issues with it and thought it was user-friendly but I have heard other people have problems with it saying it either did not work or it was glitchy. 

You will have one year to replace this controller otherwise you have to pay $270 if it is outside the warranty period.

My only qualm with the Biomat controller (as stated in the video) is that it does not tell you the current temperature that the mat is currently up to. It just shows the temperature setting that you set it at. This can be annoying for some more impatient people such as myself.

The biggest issue that I underlined is that the Biomat runs on the multi-level marketing model which means that the price is jacked up for the customer. Compare the Biomat 7000mx price of $1695 to The Introductory Healthy Wave price of under $900. For that price you get the same types of therapies plus PEMF and Red Light Therapies associated with the Healthy Wave. The main difference being that the compared Healthy Wave mat is smaller. (12).

The Biomats price point is more comparable to the Healthy Wave Pro’s price. Which runs about $200 more compared to the 5 therapy mat.

Overall my Biomat review experience was lukewarm. It definitely isn’t a terrible product but there are others out there that I prefer.

Biomat Sizes

Biomat Professional

Biomat Professional

Biomat Mini

Amethyst King Biomat

Amethyst Queen Biomat

Amethyst Single Biomat

Of the different sizes only the Biomat Professional (7000 mx) and the Biomat Mini have the Amethyst Crystals and “TOCA Layer” within them. These two mats are the most popular because they are the most transportable. This is because of a) their size and b) the fact that they come in a purple portable suitcase.

The other sizes shown above are Biomats that are no longer sold by the parent company. You may still be able to find some distributors that have them or find them on Ebay. Essentially they are bigger Amethyst mats that are meant to be put on your bed.

Biomat also sells the Biobelt (a belt that you wear around areas affecting your waist and back) as well as BioAcoustic Mats. The BioAcoustic mats are mats that allow you to hear and feel musical vibrations throughout your body to try and relax you.

What is Included with the Biomat?

There are a few different mats that you can buy from Richway International. The Biomat Professional (Also previously known as the Biomat 7000 mx) and the Biomat Mini as well as the bed sizes. Below, we will go over the more popular Biomat Professional and Biomat Mini.

Biomat and Biomat Mini Comes With

  • The Biomat
  • The Controller with Cords
  • The Biomat 7000mx has a Tablet style Controller (As seen in my video above)
  • The Biomat Mini has a large Iphone sized Controller
  • General Information and instructions on how to use the device
  • Cotton cover that you can wash
  • Hard-shelled purple suitcase for both mats for easier transportation.

Biomat Materials

The Biomat Layers

You can see the full illustration provided by Biomat here.

Biomats Materials consist of 17 layers which includes the following:

  1. The Mats Surface: Silicon Urethane with cotton
  2. Water Proof Layer
  3. Amethyst Layer
  4. Hyron cotton layer for insulation
  5. TOCA layer
  6. Nano Copper Fabric
  7. Quantum Energy Layer
  8. Copper Fabric Layer for EMFs
  9. Carbon fiber layer for EMFS
  10. Fiberglass Layer
  11. Thermal perversion layer
  12. Silicon and Teflon for reverse heating layer
  13. Nonwoven fabric layer
  14. Aluminum layer to reflect Far infrared Rays
  15. Nonwoven Fabric Layer
  16. Thermal Protection Layer
  17. Bottom Layer made of cotton with brass patterns

The Controller

Biomat Controller

I will say that the Biomat has the most advanced-looking controller of the infrared mats. It features a full-screen indicator that is easy to read and interpret. As well as use. 

EMF Interception Light: The indicator lights up to show the active reduction of electromagnetic waves.

FIR Indicator: indicates when Far Infrared Therapy is being implemented. The light comes on when you first set the temperature and turns off when the temperature is reached. From there, an EDN light will begin to flash

Alarm Light: A light will flash if there is any malfunction within the device, oftentimes it is connection-related.

Other lights include the Temperature Indicator, Temp up, Temp Down and the Power Switch.

(Take a look at the above video to see how to work the Biomat Professional Controller)


In terms of certifications, Biomat has a list of them including :

  • U.S. FDA: US Food and Drug Administration
  • Korea MFDS: Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in Korea
  • Japan FDA: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare fo Japan
  • J.Electricity Safety: Japanese Electrical Safety Authority
  • GMP: Good Manufacturing Practice
  • ISO 9001: Approval as an international electrical equipment manufacturer
  • ISO 13485: Approval as International Medical Device Manufacturer
  • CE Approval: International Electrical Saftey
  • IC Approval: Korean Electrical Saftey
  • EAC Approval: Russia Electrical Saftey Approval
  • Beijing Electrical Saftey Laboratory: Chinese Manufacturer Approval

Upon first look, this is actually a pretty impressive list! Biomat definitely has gone the extra mile to cover all their bases in a variety of different countries. 

You may wonder why there are several Korean certificates. That’s because the Biomat is handmade in Seoul Korea in a 25,000 sq foot facility. Things do get interesting though when it comes to U.S. FDA Approval.

Is the Biomat an FDA Approved Medical Device?

Approved GraphicThe main Certifications that matter are the ones that are certified by the FDA if you live in North America. It is the go-to governing body when it comes to medical devices for consumers, patients, health professionals, and scientists.

There are two different types of forms that you can fill out for the FDA. “ Certified by FDA” and Approved by FDA. Certified by FDA requires minimal testing and all that is really needed is to have a form filled out called a 510 (K) Class online form. “Approved by FDA” a product and medical device must go through rigorous testing. This is for higher-risk products that are not entirely necessary for something like healing mats.

Where things become interesting is that the 510 (K) form is for an older Biomat product. Not the Biomat Professional / 7000mx which is their flagship product. What they have done Is they made an EMF and EMC Safety Test Report.

So in a word, yes it is but it is approved by the easiest form to fill out. Anything higher and they would have to have rigorous testing done on their mats.

Where can You Purchase a Biomat?

There are several different ways to buy a Biomat but the best way would be through a Biomat distributor or by purchasing a used Biomat Professional or Biomat Mini on Ebay to get their longer return policy. The problem with buying from distributors is their Tiered Return Policy.

They also really focus on overpromoting the product because they get a cut when they recruit new distributors as many MLM business models operate. 

Biomat put emphasis on this bonus structure as well as opening up business centers for recruiters. Here are full details on Biomat’s compensation plan and how it works.

Biomat has countless different vendors and distributors around the globe. A quick search on Google or your favorite search engine will reveal distributors that are near you. There are some important tips to look for before jumping right in.

  1. Be wary of their terms and conditions as well as where they distribute their mats from.
  2. Take a quick look at the return/ warranty policy of these distributors in the “Terms and Conditions”.
  3. Look at the reviews of these distributors. many will be located on the map in Google and feature user-generated review stars next to them.

Biomats business model differs from Healthy Wave in that HW has a conventional ECommerce business model. With Healthy Wave, you can buy direct from their website. Ecommerce websites abide by the same warranty and return policies for each order.

Shipping and Returns

Below I have set out the Biomat shipping, return and warranty policies straight from the Biomat website.

Shipping Policy

If you are buying straight from a Biomat distributor the time periods vary. Some of the conditions are when it gets shipped, how much it costs for shipping, and how long it takes. This all will vary from distributor to distributor. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions to make sure you get the information you want.

Return Period

The return period is where things unravel for the Biomat in this review. The Return makeup looks like this.


  • 0-7 days from date of delivery 100% refund*
  • 8-14 days from date of delivery 70% refund*
  • 15-30 days from date of delivery 50% refund*
  • 31+ days from date of delivery no refund*

This comes straight from the Richway International website itself.

Also if you live outside the U.S.A the shipping expense will be deducted from your total refund order as well as any import fees.

The most important thing in this is to have an RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorization). If it does not have this number obtained from Richway there is a good chance that you will be refused your refund

Returns must also be within two weeks from the date that the RMA was issued. Refunds take 5-10 business days from which Richway receives the item.

Of course, if you are getting it from a distributor make sure that the return policy runs in line with the Richway website and make sure that the mat has an RMA number with it.

In my humble opinion, 7 days for a 100% refund is HARSH. The 7 Day 100% Money Back guarantee falls behind all the mats that all have at least a 30-day guarantee. The Top Rated Far Infrared mat has a 90 day trial period

Warranty Period

Biomat features a 3 year warranty on their products. While the Return period is suspect, Biomat recovers with a better warranty period. It is a limited period though. Specifically for the Biomat products, the warranty covers defects in the heating elements, electronic components, and the carrying case.

  • The first year of the period Richway International will replace or repair parts free of charge.
  • The second and third years there will be an undisclosed fee involved.

The warranty has to be with the original buyer and cannot transfer ownership at any time. Make sure that any distributor or vendor you go through has these same conditions.


Some of the most frequently asked questions I have recived have been the following. 

Hows Does the Biomat Differ from a Normal Heating Pad?

Normal heating pads usually use insulated fabric and thermal heat, Biomat uses far-infrared heat to distribute heat and allows it to penetrate deeper into your body to soothe your pain.

What are the Benefits of a Biomat?

The three main therapies that help power the Biomat are crystal, far infrared, and negative ions. These therapies synergistically work together to provide deeper heat penetration than normal a heating pad can offer.

How Long Does it Take for the Biomat to Heat Up?

In my experience, it can take between 15 to 20 minutes to get to its full temperature. The only thing that irked me about the controller was the fact that it does now show the current temperature, only what it’s set at. The Biomat goes from 35 C to 70, which is within the standard body temperature range of 37 C.

How is Biomats Customer Service?

Richway International seems to provide good customer service on their main website. In fact everytime you go there. They have a little chat box that opens that allows you to speak to a customer support representative. 

I can’t speak for all the different distributors though. Just as with anything some will be more responsive than others.

Bottom Line

The Richway Biomat has been a long time industry standard in the far-infrared space but now with more opportunities available. Other competitors such as the Healthy Wave and Ereada mat have caught up

While the Biomat does its job in dispersing Far Infrared Heat, it was the other factors that did not stack up in its favor. Those factors were the Return Period and the lack of Photon Light and PEMF therapy as well as the lack of crystal varieties.

When I tried the Richway Biomat I found that the device was easy to use and had impressive packaging. I did find, however, that it only gave me temporary pain relief.

While the HW 5 Therapy mat was able to sustain that pain relief over a longer period of time. This was due to the fact that the PEMF worked in sync with the Far Infrared Heat therapy and the greater variety of crystals being used.

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