Bemer Pro Mat Review – 10 Crucial Facts You Must Know Before Buying

Healing Properties
1 Therapy 25%
Ease of Use
Hard to Find 40%
30 Day Trial/ 3 Year Warranty 80%
Starting Price
3 Therapy Mat $680/ 5 Therapy Mat $1339 10%

Total Rating

  • 1 Therapy (PEMF Therapy with Bemer Signal)
  • 30 Day Trial Period (Money Back Guarantee). 3 Year-Warranty on Mat 

Bemer is one of the industry leaders in PEMF therapy and has been a longstanding name in the industry since 1990. In many ways Bemer is the “Biomat” of PEMF mats. That being, that it is the most popular but, it too is in fact an MLM company. MLM (Multi Level Marketing) is where a company uses direct sales strategies to encourage their existing distributors to recruit new distributors by offering the existing party a certain percentage for successful recruitments.

Another thing that Multi Level Marketing companies do is that because they offer their existing distributors percentages it greatly inflates the average customers price they pay. Now that I’ve said that Bemers product is actually pretty good and it performs the way you would expect a product of its price range would perform. More on this below.

Who is the Bemer Pro for?

The Bemer Professional Mats (formerly known as the Bemer 3000 mats) are made for people who want to increase circulation in their blood or maintain it over time. It is also great for people who want protection from EMF(Electromagnetic Field damage) that you incur in your day to day life. When you are surrounded by technology over time you receive more positive ions than negative which leads to your cells clumping together because of the lack of negative-ions around to separate them. All these are just some of the benefits that PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy) technology has to offer. Others include

  • Decrease in injury healing time
  • Increases blood circulation and microcirculation to all of your organs
  • Improves Sleep
  • Can improve cellular Regeneration
  • Decrease in Stress

Unfortunately the Bemer mats are not for folks that want PEMF therapy on a budget unless you get a pre-owned mat

PEMF Mat Healing Properties Ease of Use Warranty Starting Price (USD) Total Rating
Healthy Wave Mat All 5 Healing Properties

5 Points
Very Clear Instructions

5 Points
-45 day trial satisfaction guarantee
-1 Year Warranty (Optional 5)

5 Points
(Largest Mat)

4 Points
Healthy Wave Mat Full Review

Ereada Compact Pro Mat All 5 Healing Properties

5 Points
Clear Information and Instructions

5 Points
-30 Day Money Back Guarantee
-1 Year Warranty

3 Points

5 Points
Ereada Compact Pro Mat Full Review

Bemer Pro Mat bemer pro mat review 1 Healing Property

1 Point
Some Instructions

2 Points
-30 Day Money Back Guarantee
-3 year Warranty

4 Points

1 Point
Bemer Pro Mat Full Review

IMRS 2000 Professional

1 Healing Property

1 Point
Some Instructions

2 Points
-3 Year Warranty

2 Points

1 Point
IMRS Pro Mat Full Review



Where it Rates

Healing Properties:   Bemer Professional features one Healing frequency which is PEMF Therapy. It does not feature any of the other four healing therapies which include: Negative-Ion, Crystal, Far Infrared Heat and Photon Light Therapies. Does Bemer Therapy work? Bemer technology focuses primarily on providing PEMF bursts at 33 times per second through each 20 minute session. This helps with microcirculation which can help with a lot of different symptoms. Bemers PEMF has an intensity range of .035 to .35 Gauss. While this is close to the range of the earth magnetic energy field it is on the lower spectrum. Meaning you will have to use the mat for much longer to get the intended therapy out of it. It’s Frequency has two different settings. 10 Hertz and 33 Hertz. This range goes outside the Schumann Primary Resonant Frequency of 7.83 which is typically the Frequency you would want a good PEMF mat to go to.

Ease of Use: The Website has some information but they make it hard to really find out HOW their PEMF therapy works. What they did have was a scientific study done by a scientist that shows the results from using their Bemer Pads. What makes things more complicated is that Bemer Mats have multiple websites from multiple different distributors that all have different information. There is not a one format for all website, this is due to it’s MLM structure. The Bemer mat USA also does not go into detail about it’s PEMF stats. I had to search around to get information on what frequencies they run at and what intensities they run at.

Warranty: Bemer has a 30 day money-back guarantee but only through The Bemer group website and not any local distributors. They also feature a 3 year-warranty with the exception of the B. Box and the B. Light. Those parts only have a 6 month warranty which is significant because they are the most expensive parts.

Starting Price: The biggest loss for Bemer is it’s price tag. At $5990 for the Bemer Professional and $4290 for the classic set. The price tag is $4,641 USD over the Top PEMF Mat Pick. You can probably find a Pre- owned Bemer Classic or Pro on Craigslist or Ebay for a cheaper price although it would probably still be more expensive than the top pick.

How it Works: Bemer Therapy Reviews 

PEMF Therapy

Bemer is for people who want to better their health or maintain it through microcirculation which is made possible by PEMF Therapy. Microcirculation is the process of the circulation of blood in the smallest blood vessels within your organ tissues. The Process of PEMF helps this process along by stimulating your cells by use of operating in a certain range of frequencies. PEMF Therapy provides multiple “bursts” that take your cells through magnetic polarity. This recharges the cell like a rechargeable battery and allows it to transport blood to smaller capillaries, arterioles, metarterioles and venules every 20 minutes.

Our Bodies operate in frequencies that range between 1-30 hertz, while the Earth’s magnetic field operates around 7.83 Hertz (Known as the Schumann Frequency). The Bemer device features two frequencies in it’s mat, 10 Hertz and 33 Hertz. In comparison other mats we reviewed actually operate very close within that “sweet spot” at about 8 Hertz.

We at Far Infrared PEMF Mat Review Logically believe our bodies have evolved over time to adapt and function in harmony with the earth so being closer to 7.83 hertz. As briefly stated above it has an intensity range of .035 to .35 Gauss. While it does run within the lower end of the Earth’s Magnetic Range of .250 to .650, you will have to be on the mat for an extended period of time to bring your cells through full polarity. When compared to Healthy Wave which has a range of 3 gauss which can take 20 minutes to recharge your full body and experience full cellular regeneration in under 30 minutes time.

Bemer Signal

There has been much that is made about the Bemer Signal and how it is superior to a lot of other waves.  The truth is PEMF therapy is effective throughout a wide range for intensities and frequencies and there is not a “Best PEMF Waveform” according to these 10 Pubmed studies (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, 9 ,10.).   These studies give positive results for their given study from a wide range of different wavelength intensities and forms. Making the whole best PEMF wave discussion null.

Furthermore the Pubmed studies that Bemer participated in did not even specify the specific “Bemer Wave” as the wave form that was actually used  1  2 . Which means that they most likely used the Sinusoidal (or sine) wave variation that many PEMF devices feature. I state this because the Sine wave mimics the waveform of electricity coming from an electrical outlet. If a study does not state the exact waveform it will most likely be a sine wave. 


Bemer features two main product lines that will help you with PEMF therapy. The Bemer Classic and Pro Mars. The other products they sell are the applicators, control units and the accessories. We will go through the complete sets that are available.

The Bemer Pro Set:

  • B.BOX Professional
  • B.BODY Proic
  • B.PAD
  • B.LIGHT incl. Protective Goggles
  • B.SCAN
  • Foot Protection
  • Car Power Cable
  • B.SPOT incl. Fixing Strap & B.GRIP
  • Wall Mount

This is the most complete Bemer package that offers a slight price discount on on getting the complete package as opposed to buying each part separately. This package comes with four applicators, the B Body Pro, the B Pad, the B Light and the B Scan.

Specifications: 23.6” W x 70.8” L

Bemer Mat Cost– $5,990.00 USD

The Bemer Classic:

  • Box Classic
  • Body Classic
  • Spot Applicator
  • Grip Handle
  • B. Scan



The Bemer Classic has less add-ons then the pro and is for people who do not need the necessary applications. Still the Bemer Classic gives you to the option to add these applicators in the future.

Specifications: 23.6” W x 70.8” L

Bemer Cost – $4,290.00 USD

The Mat and Controller

The Mat

The Bemer mat is relatively more simple as compared to the other PEMF mats we have reviewed. This is because it lacks the layers of crystals and photon lights that provides the other mats with 4 other therapies. The mat is simply the device that is stage for it’s PEMF therapy. Everything is done by the B. Box Controller.

The Controller

The Bemer is controlled by the B. Box Pro which allows you to use 3 pre-defined programs, 10 intensity levels and a sleep program. It also features two ports so that two people at a time can use this controller. It has a 5 inch LED touch screen that shows the controls and display readings. I will say the controller is nice but it may get some getting used to. The thing with these touch screen LED controllers is that they can be a bit complicated to set up for first timers because you have to go through settings. Rather than twisting some knobs or pushing a button or two on other PEMF mats. Keep this in mind as well when shopping.

  • 3 Pre – Defined Programs: These programs allow you to get started with the 3 most common application cases so you can choose the desired intensity level.
  • 10 Intensity Levels: You can choose which intensity level you want according to what your requirements and comfort levels are.
  • Sleep-Program: This program allows you to get PEMF therapy while you sleep. It has a signal specifically designed for sleeping periods and has a built in alarm that makes sure you wake up in time.



To start off with Bemer mats are certified by the following.

  • FDA Class 1 510 (K)
  • CE Certification
  • MDC Certification

FDA Class 1 510(K): This is the standard certification of most of these mats which requires these mats to be briefly be reviewed and deemed safe to the general public. This is usually the starting point I look for because it is going through stringent U.S.A criteria.

CE Certification: CE stands for “European Conformity” which means it is deemed safe for use in Europe. Bemer also complies with ISO 13485 which is a category for medical devices.

MDC Certification: Is a certification done by the MDC by an independent review company which specialises in the medical field to check to see if devices are safe. If they are deemed safe they get MDC Certification. It is also deemed noting that companies have to pay to get the MDC to review it.

Bemer certainly put a lot of money into their research and a lot of it is coming from reputable sources which is a big plus. There are lots of review sites out there that argue the authenticity of all of this and Bemer hit back at them by making a informative brochure. We are not here to say whether all of this is true or not true as you can make that informed decision for yourself. What I will say is that I personally would rather choose a mat that can offer five different therapies at a fraction of the price.

Warranty and Guarantees

Things get a little bit more technical in terms of warranty and guarantee because of Bemer’s MLM structure so we will try to explain things as best we can. Bemer features a 30 day money-back guarantee on it’s classic and pro products but only if they have been purchased through the Bemer group and it sites. Some of the conditions include:

  • Return Request Must be made within 30 days
  • Product has to be in original packaging
  • Addition accessories must be included in package
  • Copy of the Invoice
  • You must pay the Shipping back
  • You get charged a 10% restocking fee

The MLM distributors that Bemer has may not receive the same 30 day money back-guarantee. Bemer has many different distributors throughout different countries. If you are buying through one of their local MLM distributors check the warranty and terms and conditions of their products. I have heard of a more than a few cases of people getting burned on this because they thought they were dealing with Bemer directly, when in fact the MLM distributors had their own terms and conditions which were much less favorable. If you are set on getting a brand new Bemer Mat it is important to make sure you are buying from the Bemer Group or Ebay if you go the pre-owned route

In terms of warranties Bemer products purchased through Bemer you get a strong 3 year-warranty for most of the products except for the B. Box and B. Light which only features a 6 month warranty. This should be noted because these are the most expensive parts of the Bemer Machine so it is important that you are aware of this before purchasing because the B.Box is the most important component and the one most likely to fail.  The Best PEMF Mat has a warranty of 5 Years on their controllers in comparison. 

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