Best Far Infrared Heating Pads 2019 -14 Must Know Criteria Revealed

Far Infrared Pads and heating pads, one has stones in it and the other doesn’t. Simple right? Well no not quite. There is a lot more behind far infrared heat than you may even know.

Far infrared Heating pads, like mats, are used to alleviate pain (such as back and neck pain and discomfort in a wide range of areas in our bodies when used properly. The trouble is there are a lot of different brands to pick and choose from. How do you know which mat gives off the most benefits? who has the best customer service? What are the warranty periods like for these pads? These and many more of these questions are about to be revealed in this fully in depth guide.

Far Infared Pad Crystal Varieties Pad Varieties Warranty Starting Price Total Rating
Healthy Wave FIR Heating Pad
-45 day trial satisfaction guarantee
-1 Year Warranty (Optional 5)
$155.00 Healthy Wave Mat Full Review

UTK Infrared Heating Pad Jade
-30 day trial satisfaction guarantee
-1 Year Warranty (Optional 5)
$149.00 UTK Mat Full Review

Therasage Jade Square
-30 day trial satisfaction guarantee
-1 Year Limited Warranty
$185.00 Therasage Mat Full Review

Thermotex Carbon Square
-30 day trial satisfaction guarantee
-1 Year Warranty
$97.00 Therasage Mat Full Review

Amethyst Rectangular
-7 Day Full Return Policy
-3 Year Warranty
$670.00 Biomat Full Review


Electrical Heating Pad vs Far Infrared Heating Pad

The simplest difference between Electric Heating Pads and Far Infrared Heating pads is that Heating Pads have coils that heat up and far infrared heating pads heat up stones or carbon. While these differences do not sound like much they actually make a huge difference in terms of how your body absorbs the heat and it’s properties.

Electric Heating Pad

  • Only Warms the Skin
  • Use heat by coils
  • Don’t have a Timer
  • Can dehydrate you when in use too long
  • Emit UV Radiation
  • Emits High EMF’s (no shielding from electrical components)
  • No pain Relief after use
  • Can Be Very Hot, (Sometimes no temperature settings adjustment)
  • Requires More Heat to be effective on use

Far Infrared Heating Pad

  • Can Penetrate 3 - 8 inches into your tissue to rectify your pain
  • Heats up Gemstones that give off a wide array of benefits (more below)
  • Many pads come with a Timer
  • Lower Temperature prevents heat exhaustion and burns
  • Requires less heat to be effective during and after use
  • No UV Radiation
  • Infrared Rays mimics the sun’s spectrum of heat (essential to all living things)
  • Some Heating pads come with EMF Shielding
  • Pain Relief after use (the more you use the pain relief you get
  • Temperature adjustment available on most models
  • Requires less heat to be effective
  • The Lower Heat Required uses less electricity

I myself have used regular electrical heating pads and blankets in the past and as a result woke up to being sweaty, heat exhausted and dehydrated. Fortunately Far infrared-Heat does not cause any of those symptoms because it runs on a lower heat, it actually penetrates and relieves pain point areas, even hours after use.

What are the Benefits of Infrared Heat?

far infrared heat therapy

An invisible form of electromagnetic energy that runs at the particular wavelength of 5.6 -1000 µm. Far infrared therapy allows your body to absorb energy without needing excessive heat. Far Infrared Therapy has multiple PubMed STudies that see positive results through consistent use. Some of the improved functions studies included:

  • Improves to Condition of Patients with Cardiovascular diseases (1)
  • Improvment of Cellular Functions by stimulating cells and tissue (2)
  • Helped Decrease Myofascial pain syndrome (muscle pain)(3)
  • Improved the condition of patients with chronic pain (4)
  • Significant clinical improvements of lower back pain in Individuals (5)
  • Inhibited the proliferation of cancer cells in Patients (6)

There are many more clinical study examples of how far infrared heat helps maintain your body and treat it from illnesses or pains . When looking for the most effective FIR treatment you should like for a deep tissue heating pad that has a wide range of different temperatures to offer. What temperature works best often depends on how your body reacts to certain temperatures. In my case, my body does not react well to sauna’s and places of extreme heat. As a result I usually go for a lukewarm temperature like the 40- 50 C range.

How to Choose the Best Far Infrared Heating Pad

The First: Crystal Properties

The first criteria we wanted to go over is healing properties. Most pads that use some sort of crystal, be it amethyst, natural jade stone, tourmaline stones or obsidian got at least three points because they checked off the boxes for far infrared therapy, crystal therapy and negative ion therapy. In short when these crystals heat up, they allow the deep penetrating heat of far infrared therapy to soothe through your skin and into various different tissue allowing your cells to absorb energy quicker. As the crystals get heated up they release negative ions that allow your cells to function at their best as they work various different functions on a cellular level allowing your cells to absorb energy and transport blood more efficiently.

The other two therapies, PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy) and Photon Therapy (Lower Level Lazer Therapy) are bonus therapies that compliment Far Infrared Heat even further by polarising your cells to to the earths magnetic field allowing proper stimulation and rebalance to the cells cellular function. We go over these far infrared heating pad benefits in detail below.

Crystal Therapy

crystal therapy

For centuries crystals have been used as healing devices that align the chakras in your body and absorb bad energy that surrounds you. When Heat is added to these crystals it produces far infrared heat which is able to penetrate into your tissue far more deeply than a regular heating pad. When heated these crystals give off negative ions that are able to balance your cells and prevent your cells from clumping which can lead to more serious health issues down the road.

Below are some approximate negative ion per square inch readings that are applied to each crystal.

Gem Stone Negative Ions Per Square Inch Used As
1500 A Relaxing Stone
1500 A Energetic Stone
700 Enhances the Amethyst and Tourmaline Stones

This brings about the question what is the best infrared heating crystal to use for far infrared heat? Below we summarize what each crystal can provide.

(Click to Expand each section)

amethyst crystal

Amethyst has a good amount of negative Ions which in turn provides great calming energy and is a great crystal to use for relaxing.
It is a very conductive gemstone which generates it’s own magnetic field which in turn provides a great negative Ion input when it is heated.

  • When heated the infrared therapy can penetrate the body 6-8 inches to allow for cellular metabolism and detoxification to occur.
  • This stone is nothing new, as it has been used for healing for thousands of years because of it’s ability to create negative ions and generate far infrared rays.
  • Provides a negative Ion output of 1500 per cubic centimeter.
  • Amethyst is known to activate the crown or third eye chakra which is connected to a state of dreaming which is why it is known as an excellent stone for sleeping.

jade crystal

Jade is a good all round crystal that is the in between of the calming stone of Amethyst and the more energetic stone of Tourmaline.

  • Jade is a great heat absorber
  • Adding Jade to Amethyst and Tourmaline enhances the benefits of each crystal including increasing the levels of negative ions and producing Far Infrared Rays
  • Jade produces around 700 negative ions per cubic centimeter
  • Jade opens the heart chakra which promotes love, compassion, forgiveness and trust. When this chakra is blocked it can lead to the opposite effects including grief, loneliness, depression and fear!

tourmaline stone

Tourmaline stones have the highest negative ion level which gives you more energy and allows you to be energetic throughout your day.

  • Produces 1500 + negative ions when heated up, although this stone still produces negative ions even when it is not heated up.
  • It is a superconductive stone which can generate natural infrared heat
  • Tourmaline produces energy at 8-13 Hz per second which is the identical frequency of our alpha brain waves.This state can bring us back to a state of calmness all while increasing energy and decreasing fatigue. This stone is great for improving mood frequencies
  • It’s high production of negative ions helps counteract high frequency EMF fields that surround you through your day to day life.
  • This is a good grounding stone which creates a connection between your base chakra and the earth. By having your base chakra grounded you physical body can regain it’s strength and stamina and helps individuals fight demotivation.

Negative Ions

negative ions

Negative Ions are the bi-products of the crystals that produce them. As seen from the table above certain crystals create more negative Ions than others. Negative Ions are essential to the well being of your cells and their cellular functions. They keep your cells balanced by preventing clumping of your cells. 

An excess of negative ions can help repair and restore your tissue down the the cellular function. Many of us (Including I) live in environments where there is an access of positive ions. While people tend to associate the word “postive” with “good”, they are far from that. An access of positive ions over an extended use can lead to symptoms down the road that can affect your respiratory system. That feeling you get when you are in nature and you feel revitalised, recharged and more active. This is in part because you are getting an access of negative ions and as a result both your physical and mental health improves dramatically because your atoms have been neutralised.

Negative and Positive Ion Levels Measured in Various Locations

 Negative IonsPositive Ions
Industrial Areas50300
Shopping Arcades220280
Residential Areas200180
Kowakidani Hot Spring2,500820
Near Minoh Waterfall5,000300

(These measurements were taken in Japan)

A Few Clinical studies have shown Negative Ions to do the following:

  • Increase the flow of oxygen to the brain (7)
  • Lower Depression Ratings (8)

The Second: Ease of Use

Now that we got the healing properties out of the way this one is far more simple of a criteria. How easy is it to operate the pad? In my mind the best infrared heating pads should provide ample instructions not just on how to use the products but also explain clearly in detail how it works with clinical and scientific studies cited. Another part of this is how good their customer service is. Good customer service would be defined as people from the company that are willing to answer your questions before and after purchase of the pad. Customer Service is often the defining quality that can make or break a heating pad so make sure you get the answers you want.

Infrared Heating Pad Consumer Reports

Want to know how other people who have purchased the product feel about it? Looking at verified customer reviews is a great way to find if the product is truly effective or not. You can find these on company websites or simply just do a bit of googling to see what people who have owned the heating pad really think of it.

The Third: Warranty Period

This is often one of the most overlooked categories that goes into the buying process of a far infrared heating pad. Good warranties show that the company is behind their product and is confident with it’s quality. So much so that the warranty periods favor the customer and not the actual company itself. What I consider to be gdecent warranty periods in this space are

  • At least a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • At least a 1 year warranty on manufacturing defects on materials.

In my mind a 30 day money back guarantee is enough time for the customer to actually find time to try the product to see what they think. Essentially this should be treated as a trial period where you can properly test the pad and all its features to make sure everything operates as expected.

A solid warranty is another way to judge how much trust you can have in a particular mat manufacturer. When looking at this section you have to pay particularly close attention to hidden costs that may arise. A respectable warranty in this space typically replaces the far infrared heating pad for free although in some instances you have to pay for shipping which can be a bit of a drag due to its weight and size. Before deciding on a mat check these details out as you could potentially get burned on this. Also check out who you are buying from. There are some unofficial websites that sell the same products but have completely different warranty periods. Make sure you take some time and read these terms before purchasing from any mat site.

Warranty on the Controller

Often times the controller is the most expensive part of the heating pad and manufacturers will not actually include the controller as part of the warranty. When you see this it should bring up some red flags in your mind. If the controller truly worked up to par then the warranty should reflect that.

The Fourth: Price

Probably one of the biggest factors in buying any product online is, what is the price? You as the customer want the most of your money. Often times in this space certain companies will jack up the price tag because they are an MLM company. Does this mean that the more expensive the product is the better? In one word.. No. MLM companies charge higher prices for their products because they have a referral based commision structure that rewards recruiters to find new recruiters. So when you see that the price tag is higher than a lot of the competition look into their company structure. MLM companies often have “bonus” structures for signing up so keep an eye out for those types of companies.

Other Important Factors

Far Infrared Heating Pad Varieties and Sizes

Different heating pads will feature different varieties, targeted to certain body parts for pain relief. Depending on what pain you are experiencing in a certain part of your body you should find a far infrared heating pad company that can best target your pain level through a certain type of shape. The most common far infrared heating pads are:

Square Pads

Great for use on targeted areas such as back or thighs. These Pads are ususally the least expensive

Rectangular Pads

These Pads are great for laying on or placing on the couch.

Belt Pads

This is specifcially ainfrared heating pad for back pain and lower back pain.

Shoulder/ Back Pads

Come in either shoulder or back variations or sometimes both. A great way to target shoulder and upper back pain

Knee/ Leg pads

ususally come in either knee wraps or leg, foot variations. The specific one pictured is for your feet and calves.

Arm Pads

Simply wraps around your arm to help with pain associated with tendinitis, cramps and arthritus.

These are the areas of the body that are often most affected by pain and irritation so finding a company that has a good variety of different heating pads is key. There should also be a wide range of different sizes to choose from.


FDA Approved

Good Far Infrared Heating Pads should have some form of medical certifications and should have been medically cleared for testing by some form of government. The more legitimate certifications the better but the one that each mat should at least have is a 510(K) clearance. 510(K) is a premarket notification that is cleared for sale the USA. It has to fit into one of three categories of that is in order of how much regulation is required. Other Certifications you may see with these pads include:

  • MDC Certification: Indpendant Review Company working in the medical field of Europse that deems if Health products are safe for use.
  • CB Certification: An Electronic Certification that measures Electromagnetic Compatability across the globe
  • CE Certification: Insured that the Products related to the Health Field pass product tests for European Consumption and Use.
  • Health Canada Certified: The Licence is issued in accordance with section 36 of the Medical Devices Regulations.

You can often find these certifications under “Credentials” or “Clinical Trials and Studies” . While I do not believe Far Infrared Therapy is really dangerous when proper care is taken, wouldn’t you rather know that the product you have bought has been tested by some form of health governing body?

Far Infrared Heating Pad Reviews

Below are some reviews of the best far infrared heating pads. We talk about how each far infrared heating pad relates to the above criteria and why it was given it’s rating

1. Healthy Wave Far Infrared Heating Pads

Mat Crystals Therapies Treatment Areas Price
Healthy Wave Jade/Tourmaline Heating Pad
Jade and Tourmaline Negative Ion Therapy
Far Infrared Heat Therapy
Crystal Therapy
Lower Back
$125 USD
Healthy Wave Amethyst FIR Red Light Therapy Pad
5 Lbs Crushed Amethyst Negative Ion Therapy
Far Infrared Heat Therapy
Crystal Therapy
Red Light Therapy
Lower Back
$359 USD
Healthy Wave 5 Therapy Pads
Amethyst, Tourmaline and Jade Negative Ion Therapy
Far Infrared Heat Therapy
Crystal Therapy
Red Light Therapy
Pemf Therapy
Lower Back
$435 – $1489 USD

Rated as the best infrared heating pad, what made Healthy Wave stand above the rest? A big part of the reason was because of the variety of healing crystals and properties it was able to provide.


  • Some Pads Include All Five Therapies
  • Offers the Most Variety of Crystals for More Healing
  • Helps With Blood Circulation
  • Website is Full of Information
  • Best Trial/ Money back Guarantee (45 Days)
  • 5 Year Controller Warranty
  • Buy Direct from Site
  • More Negative Ions Per Square Inch
  • Free Repairs and Shipping Within Warranty Period
  • Biggest Variety of Healing Pads


  • Only has 1 Year Warranty Included (Option of 5 but you have to pay a bit extra)
  • Less Amethyst than Other Mats

One of the main reasons we are interested in getting a far infrared pad is because of it’s ability to heal the area of irritation and discomfort. It does this by penetrating 3-8 inches deep inside your tissue which promotes microcirculation that allows your cells to work in harmony with one another transporting blood to your capillaries and organs in a more efficient way.

Healthy Wave did a good job providing ample amounts of information on their mats which included explaining how each of the therapies worked in detail, Frequently asked Questions, Clinical studies cited and lots of customer testimonials. They also helped me answer a few questions I had about their heating pads and mats as well and took the time to make sure I choose one that I actually needed.

The most basic models of Healthy Wave mats are still able to give you 3 therapies (far infrared heat, Crystal and negative ion therapies). What I really liked about the Healthy Wave far infrared heating pads was the fact that it gave you a ton of different varieties. Not just with the different sizes and shapes of the mats but also the different varieties. Not all crystals give off the same negative ion amounts so I really appreciated the fact that Healthy Wave had so many different varieties that allowed you to pick and choose what kind of crystals you wanted in your mat.

Healthy Wave also ticked off all the boxes when it came to different targeted mat varieties that were available.

In terms of Warranty Healthy Wave was the most flexible mat company to work with because it gave you a 45 day trial satisfaction guarantee. Which essentially means you have 45 days to try out the mat and if you don’t like it you can return it within that time period.

The Warranty lasts for 1 full year but has the option to feature 5 years if you pay an addition 35%. Healthy Wave does however, offer free repair which includes free shipping that is paid by Healthy Wave themselves. If any of you are familiar with shipping rates you would know that this is not a particularly cheap item to ship due to it’s weight and size. In this particular space it is hard to find any manufacturers that offer this as many will actually expect you to pay for shipping.

While the mat/ pad warranty was pretty standard their controller warranty was by far the best which featured a 5 year warranty. This kind of warranty is almost unheard of in this space because the controller is often the most expensive component of the heating pad package. Often times heating pad manufacturers will make the controller warranty shorter than the pad because of this reason.

Healthy Wave featured a good starting price and was among the top 2 of the list for 3 therapy heating pads. If you look closer it’s starting price is within $6 of the starting price of the UTK infrared heating pad and features 3 Crystals as opposed to the 1 used in UTK which is Natural Jade. If you remember from above:

  • Jade Stones: gives off 700 negative ions per square inch
  • Amethyst: gives off 1500 negative ions per square inch
  • Tourmaline: gives off 1500 negative ions per square inch

More crystals means more healing capability and more negative ions per square inch.

Certain Healthy Wave Pads have the ability to deliver Far Infrared Heat, Crystal Therapy, Negative Ions, PEMF and Photon Light Therapy. PEMF therapy brings your cells through full magnetic polarity which helps stimulate it’s mitochondria, perfect for complementing far infrared therapies ability of microcirculation. The Photon Light Therapy helps heal damaged tissue around the dermis area by bringing about light particles that helps rejuvenate damaged tissue within the dermis area. When Red (Photon) Light Therapy is coupled with Far Infrared Hear blood capaliaries expand within your tissue allowing more white blood cells to go through and repair damaged tissue by way of Red (Photon) Light Therapy. 

Personal Experience:

best far infrared heating pads

I recently tried out the Healthy Wave Amethyst Far Infrared & Photon Light Mat. Earlier in the day I was doing some light workouts with free weights followed by 20 minutes of cardio. Sometimes my thighs and back seizes up and feels strained throughout the day, this was one of those times. My friend and I decided to watch some movies so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try out this far infrared heating pad. I took turns alternating the pad to heat my legs on the floor and my back when I was sitting on the couch. Since we were watching a few movies I wanted to keep the far infrared therapy at a low heat, in this case I hovered the temperature to between the low to mid 40’s C. In the past sometimes I would have the heat too high and would feel completely dehydrated because of all the toxins that were sweated out of my body. Higher heat is great if you are laying on the pad for 20 minutes but not ideal for anything over 40 minutes non stop unless your body is already accustomed to it. After alternating the heating pad from my legs to back every so often my back and thighs felt relaxed. On my way back home I noticed that I did not feel tight in those areas which helped me feel relaxed, rested and ready for bed with no pain in those areas.

>>You can find my full review on the Healthy Wave Pro mat here<<

Check the price on these heating pads every so often, sometimes there are sales on them so keep a close eye on the price.

2. UTK Infrared Heating Pad

utk heating pad

Perhaps one of the most famous heating pads around, the UTK Infrared Pad managed to grab second on out list. So what were the main differences between the Healthy Wave Far Infrared Pad and the UTK Heating Pad?


  • Includes Far Infrared Heat, Crystal and Negative Ion Therapy
  • Good Warranty  and Money Back Guarantee Period
  • Can Get Extended 6 -12 Month Warranties
  • Cheapest Three Therapy mat


  • Only Features One Crystal (Jade Stones)
  • No Pemf or Photon Therapy
  • Less Varities Available
  • Less Negative Ions Per Square Inch
  • Not a Lot of Information on Site Explaining the Therapies Clearly

The main areas where the UTK Infrared Jade Heating pad lost points to Healthy Wave was the Healing  Crystal Properties and it’s Ease of use. Healthy Wave Pads featured the option of 2 more therapies which were Photon Light Therapy and PEMF. While these are not mandatory therapies in relation to far infrared therapy they are beneficial and offer you more options in terms of cellular regeneration and repairing tissue. You can find out more about these therapies here..

In terms of Ease of Use I found that the information posted on UTK’s site was significantly less than the information used on Healthy Wave’s. I found Healthy Wave better explained each different therapy on their site and offered far better varieties of infrared pads available. While UTK does feature custom heating pads for shoulders, back and knee wraps they all mostly offer these pads in jade stone.

There is nothing wrong with natural jade at all as it is a decent negative ion conductor even when not heated. The problem is if the difference between UTK and Healthy Wave is $6 extra dollars. Wouldn’t you want more gemstones and information out there on the product you are using for $6 extra dollars? Amethyst and Tourmaline each feature 800 more negative ions per square inch than Jade which will give you the combination of 3000 more negative Ions per square inch compared to the UTK Infrared Heating Pad.

In terms of Warranty UTK has a pretty good warranty period with the standard 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty with an optional 5 month warranty for 35% of the purchase price, similar to Healthy Wave. What was interesting was on UTK’s site you can actually purchase 6 – 12 month extended warranties on the mats for a pretty good price ($9.90 for 6 months and $19.90 for 12).

UTK is a certified FDA approved Class IIa medical device which means it has been looked at and tested by the FDA and is deemed safe to use.

Overall UTK offers a trustworthy product at a decent price but in terms of far infrared therapy there is more to be desired.

3. Therasage Far infrared heating Pad

therasage heating pad

Therasage is another popular name in the far infrared heating pad community. Therasage sells heating pad as well as a wide range of products such as portable saunas, energy bands and water pitchers. It makes sure that it’s pads are low emf heating pads as detailed in it’s blog. 


  • Includes Three Therapies
  • Blog Offers Decent Information
  • Helps With Blood Circulation


  • More Expensive than the Top 2
  • Not a Lot of Varities of Mats
  • Not a Lot of Crystal Variations 
  • No PEMF or Photon Therapies
  • Very Similar Design to UTK

Therasage, like UTK lost points to Healthy Wave because of their 3 out of the possible 5 healing properties offered (Far Infrared Heat, Negative Ion and Crystal Therapy) . While I do realize that their main focus is far infrared therapy having more healing properties such as Photon Light Therapy and PEMF therapy helps complement the already existing far infrared therapy which increases cellular regeneration within your body.

They just like UTK, just use Jade stones to conduct far infrared heat instead of a combination of different healing crystals. Where Therasage also lost the majority of it’s points is the fact that it’s mat is actually $30 more expensive than Healthy Wave mats with only the one healing stone offered as opposed Tourmaline, Amethyst and Obsidian offered by the Healthy Wave heating pads.They also did not feature as many varieties of heating pads as both UTK and Healthy Wave.

What I did like about Therasage is that they provided good information on their products on blog of their website specifically related to far infrared heat therapy and EMF Protection. They provided ample information and their blog seems to be up to date which means that they do some research in their field.

Therasage features a standard 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year limited warranty  although it took some digging around to find it. Unfortunately you do not have the option of purchasing more time on the warranty like you can with Healthy Wave or UTK pads. This type of warranty is usually the standard in this industry and it does cover any defective or malfunctioned parts within that time span.

Overall Therasage far infrared heating pad offers less varieties of different pads at a higher price point.

4. Thermotex Far infrared Heating Pad

thermotex heating pad

Thermotex is a sort of hybrid far infrared heating pad in that it does not use crystals to produce far infrared heat. It instead uses carbon fiber panels as heat inserts to treat the affected part of your body. While carbon fiber does produce far infrared heat (many far infrared saunas use them) there is no evidence that they give off beneficial negative ions like crystals do when heat is applied to them. Therefore Thermotex only scored 1 point in healing properties because it does not feature the benefits of crystal therapy and negative ion therapy that all the other heating pads feature in this list.


  • Cheapest of the Far Infrared Pads
  • Decent Varity of Pads
  • Has Pads for Pets including horses and livestock


  • Only has 1 Therapy (Far Infrared Heat)
  • No Crystals or Negative Ions
  • Not a lot of Instructions or Information their site
  • No PEMF or Photon Therapies

Thermotex also does not have a ton of information on their site about their pads other than their pad specifications and a brief write up on symptoms and what pad is good for different kinds of pains. Thermotex does have a good variety of different heating pads however. It features:

  • Medium Sized Pad
  • Smaller Pad for the back
  • Knee Pad
  • Wrist Pad
  • Elbow Pad
  • Foot Pad
  • Full Sized Pad

Thermotex also did get the win with the best starting price at $97.00 and is just a tad over $50 than the next cheapest far infrared mat. This is because of the fact that Thermotex does not feature any crystals but instead relies on carbon fiber panels to use far infrared heat. Thermotex states that these panels can penetrate your body to up to 2.36 thanks to their version of far infrared heat. You can compare that 2.36 number to Healthy Wave mats which states that their mats can penetrate 3-8 inches deep into your skin and tissue. The difference comes down to the fact that healthy wave uses 3 different varieties of crystals that all work together to produce three different types of therapies that are all dependant on each other that penetrate deeper within your body. .

Thermotex, like Therasage has a pretty standard 30 day money back guarantee with a full 1 year warranty. Overall Thermotex is a good budget far infrared heating pad but I believe that at an extra $50 the two other therapies are worth it.


5. Biomat Mini

biomat mini

Lastly is the Biomat by Richway. Biomat is perhaps one of if not the most popular in terms of heating mats. Their pads certainly generate some attention as well. Biomat was voted last on this list for a few different reasons. Perhaps the biggest thing that may stand out is the price tag. It is almost $500 more expensive than any of the other standard heating pads. Why may that be?


  • Includes Three Therapies
  • One of the First Movers in the Industry 
  • 3 Year Warranty 


  • Not the Greatest Return Policy
  • Has only Amethyst Crystals inside some Models
  • By far the Most Expensive Mat
  • Has an MLM Business Structure
  • Not a Lot of Variety of Heating Pads

Biomat is an MLM company (Multi- Level Marketing) company. This means that Richway actively recruits people by giving a percentage of their sales to distributors who successfully recruit new people to sell the mat. This means Biomat has to jack up their price which only hurts the customer. Unfortunately not many of these people make any money because there is just too much competition. Even if you google Biomat you will see countless vendors selling the exact same product.

Biomat also has the least amount of varieties available as their pads consist of the Biomat Mini and the Biobelt. To be fair Biomat spends significantly more of their effort marketing their mats then the heating pads. You can read up on our full review of the Biomat Mat here.

Biomats return policy is not very good and is even more confusing by the fact that it’s tiered. Here it is in full:


  • 0-7 days from date of delivery 100% refund*
  • 8-14 days from date of delivery 70% refund*
  • 15-30 days from date of delivery 50% refund*
  • 31+ days from date of delivery no refund*

In my humble opinion 7 days for a 100% refund is harsh, especially if it take some time to start feeling the Mat work. Compare that the Healthy Wave Mat’s 45 day full refund trial period and it makes you scratch your head.

Overall the Biomat mini is a fully functioning 3 therapy mat that does the job, but at over $500 more you have to question if it really is all that worth it.

>>Read the Full Review on Biomat Products Here<<


Final Thoughts

Out of the criteria we have laid out Healthy Wave mats gave the most consistent ratings for all the things that mattered.

When choosing a far infrared heating pad you should not just be looking for that therapy but rather, what other therapies are included, how much information the company provides as well as warranty information and what you get for the amount of money you spend.

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