Healthy Wave Pro Mat vs Biomat Professional (7000 MX)

Far infrared Mat Healing Properties Crystals Warranty Price Final Rating
Healthy Wave Pro Mat 4 Healing Properties

4 Points
28 Lbs of Crystals

5 Points
-90 day trial satisfaction guarantee
-1 Year Warranty (Optional 5)

4 Points

4 Points
Healthy Wave Mats Reviews

Biomat Pro 7000mx 3 Healing Properties

3 Points
17.5 Lbs of Crystals

3 Points
-7 Day Full Return Policy
-3 Year Warranty

2 Points

3 Points
Biomat Full Review


Brief Background

Biomat has long been the benchmark and most well known name in the Far Infrared Mat community. Today we compare the stats between that and a relative newcomer in this Healthy Wave Pro Mat vs Biomat Professional side by side Review


Biomat, established in 1997 is owned by Richway and was one of the first far infrared mats produced. Richway Biomat is an MLM company which means that it recruits people by sharing a percentage of their sales with them. The recruiters in turn actually do this and a lot of the marketing effort goes towards recruiting people to sell the Richway brand. As a result the price gets increased and only few recruiters actually end up making money in the end due to all the competition.

Healthy Wave:

Healthy Wave Sells mats through it’s website in an ecommerce style business model. This means that it does not actively recruit people and pay recruiters for recruiting other people. It just sells directly on it’s website and through some distributors who take a percentage of sales similar to common business models.  A relative newcomer to the game, Healthy Wave has a variety of different styles and makes that all feature different price points. Some styles have a different number of therapies available at a wide variety of price points. 

What do you get for the price?

Healthy Wave Pro PEMF Mat : $1,439

  • PEMF Therapy, Far Infrared Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Negative Ion Therapy
  • 28 Lbs of Amethyst, Tourmaline and Obsidian Crystals
  • Over 100 Different Sizes and Styles
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee / 15 Month warranty / 5 Year Extended Warranty /5 year warranty on controller

Biomat Professional Mat: $1,695

  • Far Infrared Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Negative Ion Therapy
  • 17.5 Lbs of Amethyst Crystals
  • 2 Different Far infrared Mat Varieties 
  • 7 Day Full Money Back Guarantee when you buy from Biomat / 3 Year Warranty

Far Infrared Heat Comparison

Far infrared heat can be described as an infrared spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. It is the lifeblood of our existence that comes from the sun, our bodies that is essential to our existence on earth. If you are here you most likely read all about Far Infrared Heat but here are a few of the benefits:

  • Great Improvement in Condition of Patients with Cardiovascular diseases (1)
  • Stimulating Cells and Tissues helps improve the cellular function (2)
  • Helpes Decrease  muscle pain AKA Myofascial pain syndrome (3)
  • Patients with chronic pain showed improvements in their  conditions  (4)
  • Significant clinical improvements of patients with lower back pain (5)
  • Inhibited the proliferation of cancer cells (6)

On Biomats website they state that their Far Infrared heat generates 6-12 Microns. Healthy Wave’s website states that it penetrates 5- 14μm (or 3-8 inches). These are two different forms of measurement but they convert to the same thing. 

When talking about Far infrared Heat Crystals and Negative Ions have to be included in the conversation. The amount of Far infrared Heat and Negative Ions that are released from the mat are dependant on the crystals that are used and how many there are. 

Crystals Comparison

Both Healthy Wave and Biomat rely on crystals to allow their therapies to come to fruition. When looking at how many crystals are in the following mats:

Healthy Wave Pro PEMF:

  • 22 Lbs of Crushed Amethyst
  • 3 Lbs of Crushed Tourmaline
  • 3 Lbs of Crushed Obsidian 

Biomat Professional:

  • 17.5 Lbs of Crushed Amethyst

Healthy Wave not only has 4.5 more pounds of amethyst but they also feature 10.5 more pounds of crystals! Far Infrared Mats are not overly complicated devices, they have two main elements, heating elements and crystals on top. On this assumption we can put together that more crystals mean more far infrared heat and more negative ions that are released

There is also an advantage to having more crystal varieties in your mat. To summarize


  • Generates its own magnetic field which provides a good negative Ion count
  • When Far Infrared Heat is applied it’s rays can penetrate 6-8 inches 
  • Been used for healing for thousands of years
  • Activates the third eye (or crown) which enhances your state of dreaming. 
  • A great stone for resting 


  • Produces negative ions even when it is not heated up 
  • Very conductive which means it heats quickly when heating rays are applied to it
  • Operates at the identical frequency as alpha brain waves when heated up. This helps with decreasing fatigue
  • Great grounding stone which helps improve and regain your strength and stamina

Obsidianobsidian crystal

  • Helps block stress
  • Emotional healing stone 
  • Helps remove pain and depression and promotes positive thoughts
  • Works well with amethyst and tourmaline in that it amplifies their healing properties

Negative Ion Comparison

As a quick refresher, negative ions are used to neutralise positive ions that attach to each other and can cause clustering. The result of this clustering can include arthritis, heart diseases, alzheimer’s disease and strokes

Negative Ions also showed some benefits in certian clinical studies

  • Increase the flow of oxygen to the brain (7)
  • Lower Depression Ratings (8)

Healthy Wave Pro PEMF Mat has been tested to produce 3000 negative ions per square inch. Biomat does not have this information but one can assume that with 4.5 lbs less Amethyst crystals and 10.5 lbs less of crystals in general that it’s negative ion levels are less. From a logical point of view More crystals = More negative Ions.

Different crystals give off different negative ion levels. Here are a few that are found in one or both of the mats. 

  • Amethyst Crystal: 1500 per cubic centimeter 
  • Tourmaline Crystal: 1500 + per cubic centimeter


Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy (or PEMF) is used to recharge your body similar to how a charger would charge up a rechargeable battery. It does this by means of stimulating and rebalancing your cells by running within wavelength forms that are very similar to what our bodies are used. IE The earth’s magnetic field.


This is all well and good but how does this therapy actually help me? We are living in an increasingly electronic world where wavelengths from technical devices such as phones, computers, and household electronics regularly interfere with the earth’s own magnetic field. In general there are two ways to re-calibrate ourselves from these dirty EMF’s (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies). We can go out and be in nature more or we can get a PEMF device. Unfortunately for many of us being out in nature every single day is simply not an option as we have jobs and families that take up the majority of our time. Having a PEMF device allows us to be re-calibrated to the earths magnetic field (also known as Schuman’s Resonance). This in turn allows our bodies to operate in a more healthy fashion by providing added benefits such as cellular regeneration, stimulation of cells (un clumping). You can read up the full details on Healthy Wave’s PEMF here.

When comparing Healthy Wave Pro PEMF Mat to the Biomat Professional, Healthy Wave has PEMF and Biomat doesn’t simply put. Healthy Wave Pro PEMF allows you to use all 4 Therapies at once to allow for complete cellular regeneration to occur.

Sizes and Styles

Biomat Mat

In terms of sizes and styles Biomat has two main types of mats. The Biomat Professional (7000mx) and the Biomat Mini, there are other styles of mats available from Biomat but these are simply mats designed for the bed. They come in Single, Queen and King sizes. Biomat also has the Biobelt which is a specialty belt type of mat that goes around your waiste to help combat lower backpain. 

Richway Amethyst Biomat

Biomat Professional

This is the full length mat that is the best biomat out of all the biomat products. Because of it’s size you get more negative ions and the benefits from far infrared heat. Specifications: 28” x 74” x 1” – $1,695

Biomat Mini

The Biomat Mini is a more compact version of the Biomat Professional. It features 2.4 lbs of Amethyst and 2.2 lbs of Tourmaline Specifications: Size 33″ x 17″ - $670

Healthy Wave

Healthy Wave has over 100 styles of different mats that have a wide range of therapies, sizes and usages available. This is ideal when you want to have options not just in terms of what kinds of therapies your receive but also choosing the right style and type of mat to fit your body or ligament in need of healing. 

Small Healthy Wave Mat

Small (20”x 32”)

Good for healing a specific part of your body such legs, abdomen, great for placing on yourself when you are seated or sitting on when on a couch or chair.

Medium (40″x 18″)

Roughly covers half of your body which is ideal for sitting on or placing the rest on the back of the couch to allow healing for that difficult back pain you may receive.

Healthy Wave Medium Mat

Full Sized (72”x 24”)

A mat that you place on the floor that covers an individual sized 6 feet and under. This gives you a full spectrum of body healing from head to toe.

Large (76"x 32”)

For Individuals who are taller or wider than the specifications of the full sized Mats. These Mats are also designed to cover a full massage table!

It should also be stated that both Healthy Wave and Biomat have specialty mats such as full sized Bed style mats that you can put on your matress. Both Biomat and Healthy Wave also have Belt style mats as well as amethyst pillows. Healthy Wave goes a step further by having shoulder style pads, as well as knee and leg style mats

Controller Comparison 

In terms of controller there is no doubt that the biomats controller looks more advanced. This can be a good and a bad thing. If you like simplicity then the Healthy Wave Controller is going to be easier to operate. If you fancy yourself to be a bit tech savvy than the Biomat controller may be a bit more to your liking.

Biomat Controller:

The Biomat controller features two temperature bars, one in celsius and one in fahrenheit. Below there is a negative ion activator with flashing blue lights that lets you know when negative ions are released. The controller also has an EMF interception light, FIR indicator and an alarm light if there is anything malfunctioning.

Healthy Wave Controller: 

The Healthy Wave Controller is fairly basic and looks something out of the 1980’s but it works well and is simple to use. There is a switch that turns the controller on and off, a dial that controls the far infrared heat temperature. There is a button for the timer and a PEMF button that releases PEMF for 20 minutes and shuts off for 100 minutes, it continues this cycle for 12 hours.

Certifications and Warranty

Healthy Wave

  • FDA Registered
  • 90 day 100% money back guarantee
  • 15 month Warranty (5 Year Extension Available)
  • Controller Warranty is 5 Years 


  • FDA Registered 510 (K) 
    • 0-7 days from date of delivery 100% refund*
    • 8-14 days from date of delivery 70% refund*
    • 15-30 days from date of delivery 50% refund*
    • 31+ days from date of delivery no refund*
  • 3 Year Warranty on Defective Materials (They do not replace the controllers or mats but repair it. 2 month after purchase you are responsible for the return shipping fees.

One of the most overlooked factors when people look for a far infrared mat is in fact the warranty period. Which when you think about it, is crazy. When you buy a product you want to have confidence in it and the manufacturer to have confidence in it. The return policy is the first thing that stands out for me. Biomat has a tiered return policy where you only get a 100% refund for 7 days of receiving the product. From there it goes to 70% for an 8-14 day period and a 50% refund from 15-30 days. You also have to be careful who you buy it from because Biomat is an MLM company. If you buy it from a 3rd party vendor look at their return policy carefully. 

This pales in comparison to Healthy Wave’s 90 day trial period where you get 100% of the purchase price. A big reason for this is that you can buy from healthy Wave directly and you don’t have to go through MLM vendors. 

In terms of warranty Healthy Wave has a 15 month warranty vs Biomat’s 3 year warranty. If you look a little closer you will notice that Healthy Wave will replace all defective parts and materials and even pay for return shipping. Biomat, despite the longer 3 year warranty will make you pay for shipping after 2 months. They also do not replace the defective mats or controllers but rather repair them which can take a longer turn over time than simply replacing the parts. 

Final Thoughts:

Overall we determined that the Healthy Wave mat is the better buy in terms of it’s therapies it offered (Far Infrared Heat, PEMF, Crystal, and Negative Ion Therapies). This is because it has more crystals which releases more negative ions and produces more far infrared heat. The PEMF therapy is a bonus therapy that can work together with far infrared heat to create a regenerative healing effect. 

When comparing Warranties and Return Policies Healthy Wave also gets the one up on Biomat in my opinion. With a 90 day trial plus free return shipping it beats out Biomat’ tiered refund period. When comparing prices Biomat comes in at $1695 compared to Healthy Wave’s price of $1439. Thats over $150 more for less crystals, no PEMF and a return period that leaves a lot to be desired.

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