Healthy Wave Mat Reviews

In these Healthy Wave Reviews we go through all the factors that make this mat the Best Far infrared mat and the 2nd best PEMF Mat in the industry (behind the Multi-Wave Mat). 

What makes the Healthy Wave so special? The secret is in the details and craftsmanship of the mat. The mat that is reviewed (PEMF Amethyst Jade Tourmaline & Photon Far Infrared Mat 76″x32″) is made up of 25 lbs of crystal amethyst, it features 48 Jade Stones, 40 Tourmaline Stones and 24 Photon (Lower Lazer Therapy) Lights.

All of these features allow the Healthy Wave Mat to become a Full Spectrum 5 Therapy mat. What does THIS mean? More Therapies means more benefits for you and your body.

Whether you are dealing with ailments or want to give your health and wellness a little boost. The Healthy Wave 5 Therapy Mat should have something in store for you. 

 These therapies include, Far infrared Heat, Negative Ions, PEMF Therapy (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field), Photon (Lower Level Laser) and Crystal Therapies.

Intrigued? Read on as we go through how the mat works and the things that make this mat special in the first place.

Healthy Wave Mat
Healing Properties
Full 5 Therapies 100%
Ease of Use
Lots of Information/ Instructions 100%
90 Day Trial/ 1 Year Warranty 80%
Starting Price
3 Therapy Mat $680/ 5 Therapy Mat Starts at $1339 97%

Total Rating


Who Are These Healthy Wave Mat Reviews For?

Similar to the Biomat 7000mx the Healthy Wave Pro mat can be used for both professional and personal use. For people who want to improve or maintain their body and health through cellular regeneration

In Fact in my area there are a few local naturopath shops that I have seen actually use this exact same mat for a variety of healing therapies.

The Healthy Wave Pro mat is for people that want a FULL SPECTRUM of healing which can lead to some of the following:

  • Rejuvenation of Cells (1)
  • Reduction in Pain (Especially Back Pain) (2)
  • Improve Healing Capability of your Body
  • Alpha Brain Waves and Mental Clarity
  • Improved Sleep (This helped me a lot with this) (3)
  • Reduction in Stress and Fatigue
  • Improved Blood and Lymphatic Flow (4)

Where the Healthy Wave Mat Pro Rates

Recently I reviewed all the top Healing Therapy Mats to see how the Healthy Wave Mat fared against the competition. If you want to see my personal detailed indepth Healthy Wave Mat Review Click Here

Best Far Infrared Mats

Infrared Mat

Healing Properties





Total 100%
Total 100%
Total 80%
Price Score
Total 80%
Total Score
Total 90%
Total 100%
Total 40%
Total 60%
Price Score
Total 90%
Total Score
Total 72%
Total 80%
Total 60%
Total 40%
Price Score
Total 100%
Total Score
Total 70%
Total Raing 60%
Total 60%
Total 40%
Price Score
Total 80%
Total Score
Total 60%
(For PEMF Mats You can see where it ranked here)

The Rating Criteria Explained

Healing Properties: Healthy Wave features five Healing properties (PEMF therapy, Red Light Therapy, Negative Ions, Far Infrared heat and Crystal Therapies

It’s Negative Ions, Far Infrared and Crystal Therapies are also BOOSTED by its four crystal properties. They include, jade, tourmaline, amethyst and obsidian.

Ease of Use: The Healthy Wave also has a lot of useful information that comes with the mat and is on their website. The site has a section on all five types of therapies with backed scientific evidence. Any technology implemented has to be backed by studies. I have also tried their customer support and they have been supremely responsive and supportive with any questions I have had.

Warranty: The Healthy Wave also comes with a 15 month warranty period and a 90 day money back guarantee

Essentially you can use the Healthy Wave mat for 90 days free! Most other mats only have 30 days. In my mind this is a great decision from Healthy Wave because they understand that it takes time to be acclimated to the mat and that different people react in different ways with the mat. 

Some People feel the difference instantly while with others. it takes a week or more until you are able to feel the benefits.

Price: Because the Healthy Wave comes in many different varieties and therapies we will outline a few different price points for each kind of mats

Starting Price for a Full Sized Mat with Far Infrared, Negative-Ion and Crystal Benefits:

How the Healthy Wave Mat Works

We already mentioned that the Healthy Wave gives you a full spectrum of 5 different therapies but how does it do it?

Far Infrared Heat Therapy

Far infrared Heat Diagram

Far Infrared Heat Therapy relies on heat which is something that all organisms need to survive. What Far Infrared Heat does differently than say a regular heating pad is that it allows the heat to penetrate several INCHES deep into your skin

This far infared heat activates an increased level of blood flow to the affected areas which helps speed up your healing time. Rather than what heating pads to which is just heating up the Epidermis (skin layer).

Far Infrared Heat Therapy is activated when the crystal gemstones in the mat are heated up. When the heat penetrates several inches of your body it also produces negative ions. Which help neutralise and balance the abundance of positive ions in your body that are known as free radicals.

Free Radicals often come from being around an ABUNDANCE of technology all day. This can lead to a variety of different symptoms such as migraines, Oxidative Stress, back pain and sleep deprivation just to name a few.

Far Infrared Heat Therapy when related to the Healthy Wave Pro utilises the three different crystals found in the mat. 20 lbs of amethyst, 48 jade stones and 40 tourmaline stones that look like buttons located at the top layer of the mat. 

The Far Infrared Heat penetrates within the 5- 14 um (4 to 8 inches) within your body. Giving you a nice warm SOOTHING break from pain that you may be experiencing. Which in turn helps relax your body and allow an increase in blood flow to those affected areas.

It’s settings come in a 3, 6 and a 12 hour auto shut off timer. The 12 setting is used specifically for when you want to sleep on it. The maximum temperature the Healthy Wave goes up to is 55 degrees celsius.

What is the Best Temperature to have the Healthy Wave at and What is the most Effective?

The best temperature that I like to start off at is 45 to 55 degrees Celsius. Healthy Wave recommends 30 – 50 degrees Celsius. As you get used to the heat you can start alcimatizing your body to higher temperatures. 

The maximum temperature this mat goes up to is 70 degrees celsius. Keep in mind that Far infrared heat does not have to be scorching hot. It actually is most effective when it is at a warm temperature around 30 – 55 degrees Celsius. 

Some Benefits of Far Infrared Heat Therapy Include (5),(6), (7), (8)

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Therapy 

PEMF Therapy

PEMF Therapy (or PEMF Technology) is used to recharge your body similar to how a charger would charge a battery. It does this by means of stimulating and rebalancing your cells.

The Healthy Wave’s Wave lengths run at 7.8 hertz which runs within our alpha brainwave frequency of 7-13 Hertz

PEMF therapy produces multiple bursts which take your cells through a magnetic polarity field cycle which effectively charges your cells while you are laying on the mat. When your cells are fully charged your alpha brain waves reduce depressive symptoms and greatly ENHANCE your creativity and energy.

The Strength of the Wavelengths in Healthy Wave’s PEMF is 3 Gauss . This setting allows you to get quick PEMF bursts in a shorter period of time as opposed to other competitors where you need longer sessions.

Healthy Wave also run at a very close proximity to the Earth’s magnetic field that is 7.8 Hz compared to 7.83 Hz which is the Schumann’s Resonance

These PEMF bursts from Healthy Wave allow your body to be synchronised closely to the earth’s magnetic field which is where our frequencies are supposed to be. There is an automatic PEMF setting on the Healthy Wave Controller that gives you PEMF for 20 minutes on and then 100 minutes off.

PEMF Therapy also has the ability to clear your body of bad EMF’s that are emitted from the technology that we are surrounded by. Some of the biggest transmitters of bad EMF’s include mobile phones, televisions, radio transmitters and radar detectors. A reality that many of us live with every single day

What is the difference between Healthy Wave Pro`s PEMF and the Multi Wave Mat?

The Pro PEMF 5 Therapy mat has less options compared to the Multi Wave PEMF Mat. 

For one of the Multi Wave Features 313 billion combinations of PEMF 5 Intensities, 25 frequencies, 2 wave forms and 3 different pulse rates

While the Pro PEMF mat features 1 intensity, 1 – 30 frequencies and 1 waveform as well as 1 pulse rate

The Healthy Wave Pro PEMF mat is more of an all in one type of mat while the multi wavespecialises more in PEMF therapy.

  • Improved Healing of an injury or condition (1)
  • Improved Sleep Cycle (2)
  • Improved Cellular Regeneration (3)
  • Improved Immune System (4)
  • Increases your lymphatic system and blood circulation (5)

Negative Ion Therapy

Negative Ion

The bi-product of crystals and far infrared heatinfused together. Negative-ion therapy is used to neutralise too many positive ions (or free radicals) that are present within your body. In natural landscapes there is an abundance of negative-ions present which is part of the reason why you feel great and energised when you are in nature.

When you are surrounded by technology there is an ABUNDANCE of positive ions which lead to your cells clustering. This clustering does not allow your cells to perform like they are supposed to. Which can lead to common symptoms such as arthritis, heart diseases, alzheimer’s disease and stroke to name a few if untreated (1).

The Healthy Wave Mat pro can give off more than 1500 Negative Ions per square inch per minute generated by the combination of far infrared heat and crystal therapies available within this mat. 

The crystals that are negative-ion conductors are the amethyst, jade and tourmaline stones with amethyst argued to be the highest producer at 1500 negative ions per square inch. Jade and Tourmaline produce anywhere in the range of 700 to 1500 negative ions per inch. With consistent daily sessions of 20 minutes or more you can start experiencing some of the benefits of Negative-Ion Therapy such as: (1), (2), (3).

Crystal Therapy

Made up of Three types of crystals, the Healthy Wave Pro uses a combination of 25 lbs of crushed amethyst crystals, 48 Jade rocks and 40 Tourmaline rocks that are the buttons that are on the top layer of the mat. 

This therapy is a process where one or more crystals give off a certain type of energy that is synchronised to your body. They use energies such as negative ions which help improve your immune system, mood which helps you feel rejuvenated. 

They have also been known to improve a patient’s healing time from various different injuries by improving circulation of oxygen in the blood flow. If your blood lacks oxygen it can lead to a lot of different types of problems such as heart disease and problems with your lymphatic system.

The different kinds of crystal therapies and their benefits can be seen below

Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst CrystalAmethyst has a good amount of negative Ions which in turn provides great calming energy and is a great crystal to use for relaxing.

It is a very conductive gemstone which generates its own magnetic field which in turn provides a great negative-Ion input when it is heated.

When heated the infrared rays can penetrate the body 6-8 inches to allow for cellular metabolism and detoxification to occur.

  • This stone is nothing new, as it has been used for healing for thousands of years because of it’s ability to create negative ions and generate far infrared rays.
  • It Provides a negative ion output of 1500 per cubic centimetre.
  • Amethyst is known to activate the crown or third eye chakra which is connected to a state of dreaming which is why it is known as an excellent stone for sleeping.

Jade Crystal

Jade Crystal

Jade is a good all round crystal that is the in between of the calming stone of Amethyst and the more energetic stone of Tourmaline.

  • Jade is a great heat absorber
  • Adding Jade to Amethyst and Tourmaline enhances the benefits of each crystal including increasing the levels of ions and producing Far Infrared Rays
  • Jade produces around 700 negative ions per cubic centimeter
  • Jade opens the heart chakra which promotes love, compassion, forgiveness and trust. When this chakra is blocked it can lead to the opposite effects including grief, loneliness, depression and fear!

Tourmaline Crystal

Tourmaline Crystal

Tourmaline has the highest negative ion level which gives you more energy and allows you to be energetic throughout your day.

  • Produces 1500 + negative ions when heated up, this stone still produces negative ions even when it is not heated up.
  • It is a superconductive stone which can generate natural infrared heat
  • Tourmaline produces energy at 8-13 Hz per second which is the identical frequency of our alpha brain waves.This state can bring us back to a state of calmness all while increasing energy and decreasing fatigue. This stone is great for improving mood frequencies
  • It’s high production of negative ions helpscounteract high frequency EMF fields that surround you through your day to day life.
  • This is a goodgrounding stone which creates a connection between your base chakra and the earth. By having your base chakra grounded you physical body can regain its strength and stamina and helps individuals fight demotivation.

Red Light Therapy (Lower Level Laser Therapy)

Red Light Therapy

Photon Light Therapy is the process of having light delivered into your skin penetrating the epidermis, dermis and surrounding tissue

It is used to repair tissue and provide pain relief to cells within it’s reaching area. Different colours cover different wavelengths:

-650-950nm (Dark Red) – 1 inch
600-650nm (Red) – 0.6 inches
-570-600nm (Yellow to Orange) – 0.3 inches
-495-570nm (Blue to Green) – 0.16 inches
-380-495nm (Violet to Deep Blue ) – 0.12 inches

The most effective waveLength is the Dark Red colour which penetrates through the epidermis, dermis and part of the hypodermis. When this colour light penetrates your tissue it can help regenerate the cells in your connective tissue similar to how photosynthesis helps power up a plant.

Some Benefits include: (1), (2), (3)

EMF Protection Layer : Protect Yourself from EMF’s

All Healthy Wave Mats feature an EMF Filtration system which BLOCKS bad EMF’s that come from electricity. This allows the Mat to deliver all 5 of its therapies without being hindered by bad EMF’s that come from electricity.


My Personal Healthy Wave Mat Review

Me using the Healthy Wave Mat for a review

I first heard about this Healthy Wave Mat through a friend, so I went to his house to try it out. I had just finished working out doing exercises that are taxing on the back such as squats and dead-lifts. 

He had the Healthy Wave Pro 5 Therapy Far Infrared PEMF Mat. I also decided to try the Amethyst Tourmaline Obsidian Infrared Heat Pillow as well to combat some neck pain I had experienced after my workout.

We had just finished eating and I decided to give the mat a whirl. Upon laying down on it I turned on the photon feature, PEMF therapy and preset the temperature for far infrared heat to a setting I liked. I layed on it for a total of about an hour. I layed on my back for about 20 minutes then flipped over and did my front side. After laying on the mat for that half hour I started feeling relaxed and the back discomfort that I had after the workout had disappeared

Because I have not had much sleep the past few days I did feel a bit drowsy for about 15 minutes. I was curious about this so upon doing some research I found out that my body was in a state of healing that would normally occur while I would be sleeping as a result drowsiness did occur.

After using the Far Infrared Heat therapy  I felt no soreness from the squats and dead-lifts that usually gives me back discomfort.

When I tried the PEMF feature I started to notice the drowsiness started to wear off and I had a renewed sense of energy. With 20 minutes of PEMF therapy (rated at 3 gauss) it was almost like my body went into hibernation and now was fully refreshed and awake. This was probably due to the fact that I worked around computers ALL DAY and my electromagnetic field was compromised (not to mention overwhelmed) before laying on the PEMF mat.

Me Trying out a Healthy Wave Mat

I also tried this PEMF mat out after playing hockey as part of a comparative test with the competing Biomat brand. When using the biomat 7000mx I found that after a half hour of use I found temporary pain relief for about a few hours before I started feeling discomfort again. You can read more about how the Biomat performed here .

With The same Healthy Wave Mat I usedFar Infrared Heat (coupled with Crystal and Photon Light Therapy) to test out the Far Infrared feature on both mats head to head for the same time period. I felt permanent relief from back pain with the Healthy Wave Mat for the rest of the day.

I originally wondered what the difference was. After doing my own research I found out that the extra crystals from the Healthy Wave mat were the difference makers. The variety of different crystals were able to penetrate deeper into the tissue of my back. This was done by providing extra negative ions to PREVENT clumping done by an abundance of positive ions

This helpedease my inflammation that was causing my back to ache.

Overall I was extremely impressed with this mat in that it did it’s job extremely well and fulfilled the promises that were set by Healthy Wave.

What’s a Good time period to use the Healthy Wave for and When can you Use it?

There are several strategies that you can implement. The time period I like to do is typically 45 minutes every day. But you can use the mat for as long or as little as you want as long as the temperature setting isn’t too high.

Some people I have talked to like to go on the mat in the morning and the evening in 20 minute sessions while others like to actually sleep on the mat. 

You can also use the therapies all at once or strategically use them at different times. Some people like to use the four therapies (Far Infrared, Crystal, Negative Ion and Photon Light) during the day and use the PEMF Therapy at night or while you sleep.

Where can you use the Healthy Wave Mat?

Depending on what size mat you got the most preferred place is the floor but they can also be used on firm mattresses and firm areas.

The Full Sized/ Large Mats: Firm Mats Can be used on the floor, bed, carpet and anywhere close to an electrical outlet (Don’t worry the Mat has an EMF Shielding Layer). The softer style mats can be used almost anywhere.

The Medium Sized Mats: Depending on what type of Healthy Wave mat you have, place it on the floor or firm mattress. There are also mats that fold and can be placed on a chair or couch.

Small Mats: These are the most adaptable mats as they can go almost anywhere inside your home that is close to an outlet including places such as a chain, seat, floor, mattress etc.

Get Your Healthy Wave Mat Coupon Here!

Sizes Available

There are a variety of shapes,sizes and styles of Healthy Line PEMF Mats to choose from which for Categorization will make it easier for you to choose.

Small Healthy Wave Mat


Good for healing a specific part of your body such legs, abdomen, great for placing on yourself when you are seated or sitting on when on a couch or chair.

Medium Healthy Wave Chair Mat


Roughly covers half of your body which is ideal for sitting on or placing the rest on the back of the couch to allow healing for that difficult back pain you may receive.

Full Size Healthy Wave

Full Sized

A mat that you place on the floor that covers an individual sized 6 feet and under. This gives you a full spectrum of body healing from head to toe.

Large Healthy Wave


For Individuals who are taller or wider than the specifications of the full sized Mats. These Mats are also designed to cover a full massage table!

The Mat and Controller


The Mat Layers

Healthy Wave Mat Review insidesconsists of 14 layers which include:

Below we dissect the ins and outs of the Healthy Wave Mat and Controller. 

The Mat Layers

Healthy Wave Mat Review inside consists of 14 layers which include:

  • Layer 1: Durable Easy to Clean Synthetic Leather
  • Layer 2: High Density Mesh Cloth that Attached the Jade, Tourmaline and Photon Discs
  • Layer 3: Crushed Amethyst Crystals
  • Layer 4: Bamboo Carbon Fiber Material used for releasing Far Infrared Heat, adjusting humidity and absorbing water in damp conditions
  • Layer 5: Internal WaterProof Layer
  • Layer 6: Electric discharges used for generate negative ions
  • Layer 7: Copper Network Layers which is magnetic wave proof to shield user from bad EMF damage
  • Layer 8: Glass Fibers and a heat proof non woven fabric layers
  • Layer 9: Silicon Heating Layer
  • Layer 10: Heated section which allows for rapid heat to rise up which is durable, Heat Sensitivity Device that prevents the mat from overheating
  • Layer 11: Ecological non woven cloth which properly distributes the heat
  • Layer 12: Heat absorption and release layers that stores the energy of the far infrared rays that distributes and releases heat
  • Layer 13: Ecological Compression Cotton
  • Layer 14: Thermal insulation layer that prevents overheating, and the conuction of heat going downwards instead of up
  • Layer 15: Waterproof eleusine cloth which insure the device is protected from wear and protects the mat.

The Controller

Healthy Wave LED ControllerThe Healthy Wave 5 Therapy Mat got an upgrade with it’s controller. It is now a full customizable LED controller to replace their older style one. This conrtoller is very simple and user friendly to use.

Circle Button: On/ Off

Temp: You press this button to control the temperature. Simply press it once and then use the plus and minus buttons to control what temperature you would like. Goes up to a maximum of 55 degrees celsius.

Time: Is the Timer for how long you want the mat to heat up for. Use the Plus and minus buttons to control the time interval after pressing “time”

PEMF: Controls what the frequency of the PEMF is . Goes from 1-30 Hertz for 20 minutes then switches off for 100.

Photon: Turns the Red Light Therapy on and off

Customer Testimonials

Healthy Wave Certifications

Before going into production Healthy Wave Mats have to be cleared with the FDA. Any Mat manufacturer must go into the process of filling out a 510 (k) and getting approved before getting the green light to sell these devices. 

This ensures that proper labeling, descriptions and risks are properly documented to the customer before use. Unlike many Mat manufacturers of it’s type, Healthy Wave is actually based in the USA. so their means of production have to comply with the FDA. Allowing them to deliver a safe and easy to use product to the general public.

When trying out the Mat I looked at the instructions and everything was indeed properly documented including warnings to pregnant women and individuals who are using a pacemaker.

Warranty and Guarantees


Healthy Wave have a 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee that is the best in the healing mat world

Most other Healing/ PEMF Mat manufacturers have a maximum 30 day money back guarantee and most DON’T even give you your full money back after 7 days! Imagine that, getting a product and being forced to make a 7 day judgment call on it! Take a look at a case study I did that directly compares Healthy Wave with Biomat.

The main difference is that Healthy Wave is NOT an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Company. MLM’s are when distributors’ incomes are directly associated with how many people they recruit to also become an MLM. This not only inflates the PRICE but it also heavily restricts the warranty available to YOU the customer

Healthy Wave Mats come with a Full 15 Month Warranty on all Healthy Wave 5 Therapy PEMF products that were purchased from them. 

This means that within that first year if there is ANY issue or problem whatsoever, the mat will be replaced free of charge. Only appropriate shipping costs apply to orders in Hawaii, Alaska and Canada. 

On top of this Healthy Wave also offers a 5 Year Extended Warranty on their Controllers. This means that if anytime within that 5 year period that your controller stops working you can get it replaced for free

Controllers are usually the most complicated and therefore most prone to glitches of all the parts associated with these mats. Other Mat Manufacturers do not come close to this offer. Oftentimes it costs anywhere from $120 all the way to $350 to replace the controller of a mat provided by other manufacturers.

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